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Upcoming Toonami Schedules

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Planet Namek confirmed the June 25th schedule with CN, now that Dragon Ball has been delayed until July 23rd..

Source: Planet Namek

Excerpted from the Planet Namek post:
We talked to one of our sources and they said that due to the changed air date for DB to July 23rd, Cartoon Network and Toonami have decided to air 'The Big O'. That's right 'Big O' will air during DB's original time slot at 5:30 PM (ET/PT). Here is the Toonami LINE-Up that will take effect Monday, June 25th, 2001.

5:00 PM --- Tenchi
5:30 PM --- The Big O
6:00 PM --- Dragon Ball Z
6:30 PM --- Dragon Ball Z

Only two changes to the new Toonami Schedule Tenchi moved to 5:00 PM and the addition of Big O at 5:30 PM (ET/PT). The Mid-night Run (TMR) is scheduled to air back-to-back DBZ from 12:00AM to 1:00 AM (ET/PT). No change to TMR. Just to let you know this schedule is 100% confirmed, but as you know the Toonami's schedule is very unstable, and if you don't trust me you can always wait for CartoonNetwork.com to update their schedule pages. they will update it soon, with the same schedule I have reported above. It's been a while since we saw Outlaw Star, man I miss that show. ^_^

There is an other schedule change. This is for only these 2 days Thursday, June 21 and Friday June 22. Here is the schedule below

5:00 PM --- Cardcaptors
5:30 PM --- Cardcaptors
6:00 PM --- Dragon Ball Z
6:30 PM --- Dragon Ball Z

That's right for only 2 days CC fan's get back-to-back CC. All schedule changes are EST and PST time only. That will be the last week for CC. Then the following Monday, June 25th Big O will air at 5:30PM and Tenchi will air 5:00 PM.

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