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According to this report from Saiyanz Rage, lots of good things are happening to Toonami in the near future, including Mobile Suit Gundam's anticipated launch date!

Sam from Saiyanz Rage uncovered a lot of information from a recent discussion with Toonami representatives. His entire report contains information about Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, the return of Outlaw Star, Mobile Suit Gundam, 08th MS Gundam, Pilot Candidates, and the "Toonami Lockdown" event.

A summary, excerpted from Sam's e-mail:

- Dragonball Z will be returning to the 5:00 PM (e/p)
- Outlaw Star will return to the Toonami's TMR
- Premier date set for Mobile Suit Gundam in July
- Premier date set for 8th MS Gundam during TMR
- Pilot Candidate will premier on Toonami late Fall.
- Toonami Lockdown: comming this fall. Look for Tom3

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