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New Anime Coming to Japan

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
A short list of Anime TV series, movies and OVAs coming to Japan in the next couple of months.

Source: Animage December Issue (Japanese Anime Magazine)

The following are new Anime TV series, Movies and OVAs that are expected to premier over the next few months. Some already have dates, while others do not.


Shichinin no Nana ("Seven Nana")
Directed by IMAGAWA Yasuhiro, best known for G-Gundam
Story: One day, a junior high school girl Nana splits into seven persons. Every Nana has different character.

Onegai Teacher ("Please, Teacher")
To Air on WOWOW
Directed by IDE Yasunori, best known for Hanaukyo Maid-tai ("Hanaukyo Maid Team")
Story: KAZAMI Mizuho is a beautiful biology teacher, and high school student Kusanagi happens to be married to her.

Kokoro Toshokan ("Kokoro Library")
Story: Kokoro ("heart") Library is situated somewhere in the out-of-the-way place. The three sisters Kokoro, Aruto and Iina manage the library. They meet various visitors and learn something new from each visitor.

Tenchi Muyo GXP
Directed by WATANABE Shin'ichi, best known for Excel Saga.
Story: A high school boy YAMADA Seina (15) is Tenchi's relative. One day, a girl Kawnacc appears before him.

Kogepan ("Scorched Bread")
Produced by San-X NET / ANIMAX / Studio Pierrot.
Begins on November the 5th

Yobarete-Tobidete Akubi-chan
The remake of the 70's popular Anime show Hakushon Daimaō ("Atchoo Great Satan") . Akubi-chan is the Satan's pretty assistant girl.
Begins on December the 4th.
Directed by SASAGAWA Hiroshi, who directed the original version

Kaze no Yojimbo ("The Bodyguard in Breeze")
To be Aired on Tuesdays a.m.0:45 at Nihon TV
Inspired by Kurosawa*s classic samurai movie Yojimbo
Directed by DATE Yuki, best known for Genso-Maden Sauyu-Ki theater version

Shiawase-So no Okojo-San ("Okojo in Shiawase Apartment House")
To be Aired on p.m.6 on Tuesdays on TV Tokyo
Story: Okojo is a hamster-like white animal. He begins living in a collage student*s room in Tokyo

To be Aired on p.m.6:30 on Saturdays on NHK Education Channel
Directed by Hongo Mitsuru, best known for Megami Kōhosei
Story: A 4th grade girl HARUNO Kasumi begins living at Kasumi family*s house. But she find they are spirits called Henamon.

Patapata-Hikosen no Boken ("The Adventures of Patapata Aircraft)
Begins next January on WOWOW
Based on Jule Verne's sci-fi adventure novels

Honoo no Mirage ("The Flaming Mirage)
Begins on January the 7th


Turn A Gundam
Directed by TOMINO Yuki
The re-edited version of the TV series
Opens on February the 9th

W XIII Mobil Police Patlabor
Opens next spring


Kosupure Complex ("Cosplay Complex")
Story: Pretty high school girls challenge The Costume Play Competition

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