Jojo's Bizarre Adventure For PS2

posted on 2002-01-12 23:57 EST by Scott Green
Information on CAPCOM's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Chapter 5 for PlayStation 2.

Capcom announced that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Chapter 5 for PlayStation 2 will have network support, up to 8 players can battle online over the internet, and of course the game can be played offline in single player mode. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Chapter 5 is scheduled for a spring release in Japan, for 6800 yen.

During the combats, you can switch between Main Body Mode and Stand Mode. The basic strategy is first move your main body to an advantageous location, then call our your stand to attack the enemies. There is psychic gauge in the game, the gauge fills up as you hit the enemies; when it is full, the offensive power of the stand will greatly increase. Lastly, there is a Stand Shot system, when the enemy stand shows up, you can locate its weakness and give it a critical blow.

Screen shots can be seen at here

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