IMDB selects Cowboy Bebop as the "Movie of The Day"

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Cowboy Bebop selected as IMDB's as the "Movie of The Day" for March 13th, "Cowboy Bebop breaks from the standard clichés of most anime productions to its benefit."

Excerpted from the Internet Movie Database, which selected Cowboy Bebop as their "Movie Of The Day" on March 13th:

"No probing tentacles. No attempts at wacky cosmic worldviews. No schoolgirls in dress uniform. Just good old-fashioned Bebop. "Cowboy Bebop" breaks from the standard clichés of most anime productions to its benefit. The series debuted in 1998 to much popular acclaim, and gained an adoring following, mostly owing to its hip feel and its fresh soundtrack. Spike Spiegel is the hero of the show; he's a former gang member now turned bounty-hunter. Along with his sidekick Jet Black (whose missing left arm has been replaced by a robotic one) they cruise space in their ship, the Bebop, looking for their next big score. They also pick up new members of their crew, like a genetically altered Corgi, a croupier who may or may not be the 200-year-old manifestation of Lady Luck, and a hapless computer hacker named Ed. Odd? Yes. Distancing as most anime seems to be? Not at all. "Bebop" seems to owe its roots to the Occidental old television series "The Wild, Wild West" (the title sequence even employs the same geometric screen approach), as it mixes bizarre mysteries with hints of sex and a lot of snappy action."

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