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Top Anime in Japan

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Azumanga Daiou favorite Anime in May.

Japanese website Anihabara! has made up for some lost time and posted the results of their monthly ratings of TV series in Japan for the months of February, April and May.

The top ten for each month are:

Rank Title Score
1 Azumanga Daiou
2 Chobits
3 Ai Yori Aoshi
4 Pita-Ten
5 RahXephon
6 Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai
7 Figure 17
8 Rizelmine
9 Full Metal Panic!
10 .hack//SIGN

1 Chitchana Yukitsukai Sugar
2 RahXephon
3 Galaxy Angel
4 Figure 17
5 Kanon
6 Onegai Teacher
7 Hikaru no Go
8 Hajime no Ippo
9 Full Metal Panic!
10 Oja-majo Doremi Dokkaaan

and February:
1 Chitchana Yukitsukai Sugar
2 Onegai Teacher
3 Fruits Basket
4 Comet-san
5 Figure 17
6 s-CRY-ed
7 Moootto! Oja-majo Doremi
8 Kokoro Toshokan
9 RahXephon
10 Shichinin no Nana

Anihabara selects the top monthly Anime every month in an open ballot restricted to members of the Kanto region of Japan. Similar national ratings by larger websites, magazines and other polls have generally confirmed Anihabara's rankings to be an accurate representation of the popularity of Anime on TV in Japan.

The full list of the top 20 Anime for each month, as well as their more details on their ranks can be read at http://east.sakura.ne.jp/aniba/aninews/japan/.

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