Sakura Con Announces New Guests

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Seattle event announces several new guests of honor for 2004, including Yoshitoshi ABe and Yasuyuki Ueda

Sakura Con announced today the following new Guests of Honor for their 2004 event:

YoshiToshi ABe - Yoshitoshi ABe has been in many different roles such as story and screenwriting for Haibane Renmei, and character design for Serial Experiments Lain. While many of his recent works involves illustrator works, but he also publicize occasional manga works. Mr. ABe is currently in charge of Character Conceptual Design for Texhnolyze.

Yasuyuki Ueda - Yasuyuki Ueda has directed shows such as Hellsing (as an Executive producer), Hyper Doll, Nazca, Texhnolyze. He also worked on Serial Experiments Lain as Original story and planning, and the Legend of Black Heaven as Music Producer.

Monica Rial - Ms. Rial is a prolific voice actress, who has worked on a number of popular titles in recent years. Her roles have included Hyatt from Excel Saga, Kirika from Noir, Haruka from RahXephon, Saki from Steel Angel Kurumi, and Minamo from Azumanga Daioh. She is currently playing the role of Lumiere in Kiddy Grade.

Colleen Clinkenbeard - Ms. Clinkenbeard is one of the newest voice actors to debut on the anime scene. She has done the voice of Colm from Dragonball GT, as well as other various fill in roles. Her first lead voice role in an anime series is Éclair from Kiddy Grade. She has worked in theater and stage for many years.

The complete list of Sakura Con Guests of Honor, and more details about the event can be read in their Press Release.

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