Terminator 4 Director McG: I Love Sailor Moon, Akihabara

posted on 2009-06-07 11:48 EDT
Also: city police sets up "deculture" classes, Protoculture experience optional

Not-So-Daily Links of the Day: Director McG arrived in Japan on Saturday with actor Anton Yelchin to introduce an advance screening of their Terminator Salvation movie, the fourth entry in the long-running Terminator science-fiction franchise. During their pre-show greetings, the 40-year-old director told the audience that he likes Sailor Moon, other Japanese anime and movies, and the Tokyo otaku shopping district of Akihabara. He added (in comments translated into Japanese and then back into English), "I've been influenced by non-mainstream elements of Japanese culture for a long time. Who I am now, I owe it to Japan. I love Akihabara!" Terminator Salvation will open in Japan on June 13 after opening in the United States on May 21. McG also directed the Charlie's Angels films and We Are Marshall, and he produced the Fastlane, The O.C., Supernatural, and Chuck television series.

In other news, the Ishinomaki City Police in the northeastern prefecture of Miyagi have established "deculture" classes to pass down investigative techniques to the younger generation of police officers. The police derived the name from the terms "deka" (detective) and "culture." 25 years ago next month (July 1984), the science-fiction anime franchise Macross had coined the term "deculture" as an all-purpose interjection in an alien language. The term refers to elements of culture as passed down from Protoculture, the first sentient lifeform in the Macross story universe.

Source: Nikkan Sports, Police Channel

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