Media Blasters Announces Additional World War Blue English Dub Cast

posted on by Karen Ressler

North American anime licensor Media Blasters revealed five more cast members on Monday for the English dub of the World War Blue (Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de) anime series. The company noted that this will be the final round of cast announcements, and that it will reveal more information on the release at a later date.

The newly revealed cast members include:

Brittany Lauda is serving as ADR Director and Chris Niosi is writing the English dub script. Kocha Sound is in charge of the casting for the dub. The previously revealed cast for the series includes:

Media Blasters announced in September that it had licensed the anime series for dub and distribution.

The three-episode anime series aired in Japan between October 2012 and April 2013. Crunchyroll streamed the series worldwide outside of Japan as the episodes aired.

Seven Seas Entertainment, the North American licensor for Anastasia Shestakova and Crimson's original manga series, describes the story:

On the continent of Consume, an endless war rages between bitter rivals: the Segua Kingdom vs. the Ninteldo Empire. Upon his dinosaur steed, the stern Emperor Marcus has led the Ninteldo Empire to near-victory. Now, with the majority of Consume under its control, Ninteldo has Segua up against the ropes.

Enter a fleetfooted lad named Gear, who seeks vengenance against Ninteldo for his brother's death. After joining Segua's Army, Gear is enlisted in the Special Forces, due to his amazing speed. Yet the inexperienced, hasty youth may not be ready for the realities of war—or he might just become the Segua Empire's last and greatest hope.

Seven Seas has published eight of the manga's 10 total volumes. The company shipped the eighth compiled volume in North America in May 2015.

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