April Showers Lead to May Manga Flowers


TOKYOPOP's April-May 2005 Lineup Includes Debuts of RG Veda, In Dream World, Visitor,
Heaven Above Heaven, Shaolin Sisters: Reborn and iDX

Los Angeles, CA (November 10, 2004) - TOKYOPOP(r) has planted the seeds for a whole garden of new must-read titles for manga fans: RG Veda, In Dream World, Visitor, Heaven Above Heaven, Shaolin Sisters: Reborn and iDX. Blooming in April and May of 2005, each series promises its own pleasure for those in the market for a little fantasy, action/adventure, romance, or drama. Read on for more details!

RG Veda (Fantasy, Volume 1 Release: 4/12/05)
One of TOKYOPOP's most anticipated spring releases, RG Veda is the breakout manga series that put the best-selling manga collective CLAMP on the map. This enthralling fantasy series-also the inspiration for a popular anime-follows the plight of two noble warriors out to fulfill the prophecy surrounding an evil, usurping emperor and the overthrow of his bloody reign.

In Dream World (Fantasy/Action, Volume 1 Release: 4/12/05) Created by Yoon Jae Hoo, this thrilling RPG-like story delves into a world in which the monsters of nightmares are real. Drake, Hanee and Kyle fight these nightmares not only with conventional weapons, but with "In Dream Cards." Each card bears a different elemental power, and those who wield the cards are masters of their elements. A fantastical adventure in the spirit of fan-favorites Culdcept and .hack.

Visitor (Romance/Drama, Volume 1 Release: 4/12/05)
This classic shojo manga by Yi-Jung No combines love and mystery into a very touching, coming-of-age story. Everyone Hyo-Bin has ever been close to has been brutally murdered! Her horrifying reality is seeping into her dreams, where classmates from her new school mysteriously appear. Not only does Hyo-Bin have to deal with budding friendships and potential love interests, she seems to have a supernatural ability she can't quite understand-or control!

Heaven Above Heaven (Action/Drama, Volume 1 Release: 3/8/05) Hyun Kang-Suk and Jeon Joong-Won deliver the goods in this action-packed series. When ancient prophecy foretold a baby that would be the catalyst for the Apocalypse, nine Grand Masters of Martial Arts raced to a remote mountaintop to prevent it from being fulfilled. Seventeen years later, a boy with a knack for trouble, a lust for ladies and a wicked fighting technique crosses paths with the child of the Apocalypse-and he's in for more kung fu action than he can handle!

Shaolin Sisters: Reborn (Action/Fantasy Volume 1 Release: 3/8/05) In this exciting sequel to the popular manga by Narumi Kakinouchi and Toshiki Hirano, three sisters trained in supernatural and physical combat must work together to defeat the ultimate evil. Fans of Hero and Shaolin Soccer will revel in the action-filled story of Julin Misumi, whose life becomes nothing short of extraordinary after she discovers that she is the reincarnation of a legendary martial arts master.

iDX (Fantasy, Volume 1 Release: 3/8/05)
From Son Hee-Joon, creator of TOKYOPOP's PhD: Phantasy Degree, and Kim Yoon-Kyung comes this wildly entertaining adventure. Roto, Boromid and Ah-dol are a team of master-level players that traverse Lost Saga, a fantastical online game filled with medieval monsters and magical weaponry. When Roto finds a disk with "Yureka" printed on it, he signs on to the game using "Yureka" as his identity. The trouble is, Yureka already has an identity of her own...

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