Right Stuf Announces Boogiepop and Others

Pre-book date: 2/1/2005 - Street date: 3/1/2005
Approximately 198 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo, Color.
Genre: Drama/Horror

DVD (Japanese with English Subtitles)
Catalog#: RSL9015 Suggested Rating: 13+
ISBN: 1-57032-939-7
UPC#: 7-42617-9015-2-2
SRP: $29.95

Right Stuf International is proud to present BOOGIEPOP AND OTHERS, a live-action counterpart to the anime cult phenomenon BOOGIEPOP PHANTOM! With scenario work by Sadayuki Murai (PERFECT BLUE, COWBOY BEBOP) and directed by Ryu Kaneda (VIDEO GIRL AI, SHENMUE), BOOGIEPOP AND OTHERS is the quietly chilling tale of ten high school students whose lives are all intertwined in a twisted and deadly web of secrets.

The cold dead of night is a dangerous time to be near the Shinyo Academy. Girls have begun to mysteriously disappear without a trace, and the school is alive with rumors. Some say the girls are just runaways, but with each new disappearance, a lingering fear grows ever stronger – fear that a shinigami...the very spirit of death...is prowling through the streets of the city. They say you never see it coming...a lone whistle splits the dark silence, and it suddenly appears behind you to steal your soul...

However, Nagi Kirima has never feared the darkness. She's determined to uncover the truth, but there aren't many clues to follow. A mysterious new drug that's appeared on the streets... A homeless man who's more than he seems... A girl still haunted by a serial killer who died five years ago... Nagi must take every fragment and piece together the entire story, before more students end up missing...or dead.

PLUS!! Includes two special featurettes with close to 50 minutes of behind the scenes footage and interviews with the Japanese cast and crew!

Bonus DVD content includes:
History of Boogiepop, Director's Commentary, Storyboards,
"Boogiepop in Yubari" Premiere Featurette,
"Making of Boogiepop" Featurette, Cast and Staff Bios,
Original Boogiepop Trailers, Right Stuf Trailers



Audio CD
Catalog#: AT9311
ISBN: 1-57032-895-1
UPC#: 7-42617-9311-2-3
SRP: $14.98
Total Running Time: 40 minutes, 11 tracks

The audio CD containing the hauntingly beautiful music from the Boogiepop and Others Live Action Movie. Created by Japan's spectacular composer Yuki Kajiura, famous for her amazing work on such well known titles as Noir, Gundam SEED, .hack//SIGN, and Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning.

Features music heard in the movie as well as original scores inspired by the Boogiepop and Others Japanese Novels. With musical styles ranging from light jazz and piano and to pop mixes this is a great addition to any fan's collection.

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