Tsume goes to Japan Expo – 2nd part

Here is the last part of what we will offer to the audience this summer, from July 4th 7th, Tsume during Japan Expo. Reno Lemaire & Aleksi Briclot will be there to meet their fans in BG14 (Hall 5A), so will be 3 voice actors.

Dreamland: Terrence HQF by Tsume

As the production of his first ever figure is about to end, Reno Lemaire will be there during Japan Expo, of course on the Pika Publishing booth but also at Tsume's. Reno will attend a signing session on our booth in BG14, Saturday July 6th from 11AM to 1PM. On our booth, the rule is first arrived, first served.

Meet French voice actors

Saturday July 6th from 2:30PM to 4PM, let's meet the voice actors of three of our new products:

Chantal Baroin, the French voice of Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail
Jean-Marco Montalto, the actor behind Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler
And the Mysterious Man, the voice of the character of our first One Piece HQS by Tsume. To discover his identity, see you on Saturday!

This will be an occasion to ask them any question and for them to sign your DVD boxes or the postcards printed especially for Japan Expo.

Azzar'Hi HQS+ by Tsume Aleksi Briclot will attend a signing session on Japan Expo's signing area Saturday July 6th from 1:30PM to 2:30PM. Then with Tsume's staff, they will assure a conference to explain all the workflow to create this amazing and unique statue: Azzar'Hi ! Let's meet in the “séance privée” room Saturday July 6th from 3PM to 4PM.

After the lecture, Aleksi will attend a signing session on our booth in BG14 on Saturday July 6th from 5PM to 6PM. Signing will be first arrived, first served… only on Aleksi material or special Ex-libris available on Tsume's booth.

Goodies a gogo

During Japan Expo, we have a lot of animations and freebies: we printed 5 different postcards of our new products including Fairy Tail and One Piece. We also created an exclusive poster of the Asura's Wrath statue.

Tsume is celebrating One Piece with Toei Animation: discover our exclusive tattoo to collect! Come and check on our booth for the One Piece parade (everyday) or the Waffle Factory (on Sunday)!

Perpetual animations

Of course, Tsume's staff will be available during Japan Expo to answer all your questions and our artists will perform exhibitions all day long. Muhammet Ay and Cyril Farudja will demonstrate sculpting with ZBrush as Guillaume Hemery will perform some airbrush painting. Feel free to bring your statues bases for the staff will sign them.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional material request or information.

ABOUT TSUME Tsume is a company specialized in design of high quality statues in resin, numbered and limited edition. Tsume works with very famous licenses from the Japanese entertainment universe: Naruto Shippuden, Saint Seiya, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater or Assassin's Creed for Ubi Soft. Our last license is One Piece for the HQS by Tsume's range.

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