Rising Star Releases Beyblade: Evolution Trailer

Rising Star Spins Out Beyblade: Evolution Trailer

Rising Star Games has released the latest trailer for the upcoming BEYBLADE: Evolution game! Coming this October exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS™, the game will be available in two versions: the standalone Solus edition, and a collector's edition, which includes an exclusive, six-piece BEYBLADE Wing Pegasus 90WF toy previously unavailable outside of Japan.

Features of the game include:

  • Battle your friends and foes in a virtual stadium using the 3DS AR cardreader
  • Collect, customize and compete with you very own BEYBLADE
  • Experience the story mode directly related to both the toy and TV series
  • Battle for real as the 3DS mimics real launcher mechanics
  • Bundled version comes with the EXCLUSIVE Wing Pegasus 90WF toy
  • Bridge the gap to the all-new BEYBLADE: Shogun Steel series - unlock the next-generation Samurai Ifrit W145CF BEYBLADE

Let it rip!

Download the trailer (202 MB) from:

About Rising Star Games
Rising Star Games USA, based in Los Angeles, CA, with their head office based in the United Kingdom, distributes interactive entertainment software in North American and European territories for Microsoft Xbox 360™, Nintendo 3DS™, Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo Wii™, Sony PlayStation®3 system and Sony PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Bringing decades of combined experience with unique knowledge and a genuine passion for interactive entertainment, Rising Star Games expanded its reach to a larger Western audience in 2012, and delivered such notable titles as Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition, Carrier Command, Akai Katana, and are making waves with a robust 2013 lineup, which includes the industry-polarizing Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut, and the legendary Super Black Bass 3D. More information on Rising Star Games can be found at www.risingstargames.com.

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