New Book Announcement: ANIME by Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc


Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc
New Title August 28th 2013

· A complete overview of the Anime art form

· Michelle le Blanc and Colin Odell are well known and successful film critics, and have authored many key film books including Studio Ghibli, Jackie Chan, John Carpenter, Horror Films, Tim Burton, David Lynch and Vampire Films

· The authors have contributed to The International Film Guide and Alter Image and have written for many print and online film journals

· They edit the Kamera Film Salon;

· Studio Ghibli, has sold nearly 6,000 copies and sales of their other books total more than 25,000 copies

· Anime is a hugely popular worldwide phenomena; influencing fashion, film, gaming and much more

This guide to anime offers an overview of the art form, looking at its development in Japan and its export to other cultures. It includes a history of Japanese animation from early examples to the relaunch of animation as a viable commercial entity and its enormous rise in popularity after WWII. Anime explains the difference between manga and anime, offering a brief history of manga including its development from traditional art form (woodblock prints) to massive commercial success with millions of readers in Japan and worldwide.

Odell and Le Blanc also consider anime style and genres, its market and importance in Japanese culture, and its perception in the West including controversy, such as criticisms of sex and violence in anime that affect other national markets, including the UK (notably Urotsukidoji) and the USA, where it is considered a ‘kids only’ market.

Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc are authors, broadcasters and film critics. They have co-authored books about Studio Ghibli, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Horror Films, John Carpenter, Jackie Chan and Vampire Films and contributed to The International Film Guide and Wallflower Press's Alter Image as well as a number of online and print journals. They are editors of online film salon

28th August 2013 / ISBN: 978-1-84243-586-1 / PB Original / 160pp + 8pp colour / £16.99 / @oldcastlebooks /

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