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Japanese Action MMORPG CosmicBreak Remake Coming to Steam


TOKYO, JAPAN – July 13th
– Game publisher Cyberstep, Inc. is pleased to announce ‘CosmicBreak Universal’, a new release that will launch worldwide on the Steam platform in 2020. CosmicBreak Universal is a new and improved international version of 'CosmicBreak', now supporting English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese within the game. Among the improvements, players will find revamped features, updated graphics, and an overhaul of the game balance.

What is CosmicBreak?
CosmicBreak is an Action MMORPG in which players can control, customize, and battle with their very own robot. First released in Japan in 2008, the title has maintained service for more than 12 years thanks to a loyal fanbase that has continued to enjoy the high-speed, exhilarating competitive and cooperative combat offered in a wide range of environments within the game.

Over the years, a sizable gap has emerged between players, which has unfortunately created a restrictive gameplay environment. We believe that continuing service of the game in its current form would not satisfy the players and perpetuate the current issues, so the difficult decision has been made to conclude service for CosmicBreak on August 27th, 2020.

What's Different About CosmicBreak Universal?
CosmicBreak Universal is a remastered international service made for the Steam platform that keeps the core elements of what made the original CosmicBreak unique intact, while incorporating a slew of changes that could not be implemented in the original title. Not only is this an improved version, but it will also be more widely available to players around the world.

Optimizations and Improvements
CosmicBreak Universal will launch with a curated offering of robots and humanoids, while certain end-game content like the Core Tuning System and the Drive System will be unavailable until a later date. Such content will only be re-implemented into the game after significant adjustments have been made to them.

In addition to the above, numerous improvements have been made towards overall game balance and usability, including the simplification of status ailments, and individual adjustments to weapons and more. We believe a greater number of players will be able to enjoy the game this way. To provide an example of these changes, the Power stat on projectile weapons with a lengthy charge time will now be dramatically increased, and projectile speed across all weapons will be adjusted to prevent extreme outliers.

Humanoid Model Refinements
After twelve years of service, there is a noticeable disparity between humanoid models released at the launch of CosmicBreak, and those released more recently. In CosmicBreak Universal, we have made refinements to the character models for several humanoids that debuted near the release of CosmicBreak.

Price Adjustments and Item Accessibility
Numerous changes have been made to increase the ease of access to desired robots, humanoids, and useful items, further encouraging a fun environment for players of all ages around the world.

What Can Be Carried Over to CosmicBreak Universal?
CosmicBreak Universal will launch as a new service, so existing CosmicBreak account information unfortunately cannot be carried over. However, saved customization data such as skin data, stage editor data, and music data from KDJ-PLUS can be used once again.

*Please note that skin data cannot be applied to some Parts of the updated humanoid models.

CosmicBreak Player Present
A present package will be awarded to existing CosmicBreak players via a Present Code as a special thank you for playing the game.

Available to: All Existing CosmicBreak Players
Present Code: The User ID used in CosmicBreak
*We will not be able to re-issue your User ID information due to CosmicBreak's closure, so please be sure to take note of your User ID ahead of time.
-In-game currency
-Parts/Accessories exclusive to CosmicBreak Players
-Several additional items
Acquisition: The Present Code can be used after the launch of CosmicBreak Universal. The Present Code can be retrieved from the in-game Present Code Reception Desk.

CosmicBreak Universal is a free to play action MMORPG. It will launch worldwide on the Steam platform in 2020.

About the Game
Official Title: CosmicBreak Universal
Genre: Action MMORPG
Platform: Steam
Price: Free (with in-game purchases)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBU_EN

About Cyberstep, Inc.
Cyberstep, Inc. has been creating and managing original online games since 2000. Cyberstep's titles are played worldwide in over 10 different countries and include games such as Toreba. Onigiri, gudetama tap!, and Dawn of the Breakers. Cyberstep is always expanding and aims to connect different cultures around the world through high-quality entertainment and technology.

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