Prepare to Fight in All-New Strategy RPG, "Shachibato! President, It's Time For Battle! Maju Wars" Coming to Steam This Spring


LOS ANGELES, CA., February 3, 2021—
acttil is thrilled to announce today on behalf of PREAPP Partners that their brand-new strategy RPG, Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle! Maju Wars (“Shachibato!”) will be released for Steam® this Spring! To celebrate the announcement of Shachibato!, PREAPP Partners is also participating in the Steam Game Festival, starting today, to showcase the game. The demo will be available only until February 9, so don't miss this chance to get a taste of this brand-new strategy RPG! Check out the trailer and Steam page for more info.

Currently, PREAPP Partners is conducting a Shachibato! beta test. If you would like to participate in the beta, please sign up here!

On top of that, PREAPP Partners, developer and publisher of Shachibato! has teamed up with KADOKAWA for the multimedia Shachibato! franchise. The anime series (Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle!) is currently available on Funimation.
Press play to check out the first English
trailer for Shachibato!

About the Game:

Shachibato! is a turn-based, roguelike fantasy strategy RPG. You'll take control of our hero, a young entrepreneur who's in charge of an adventuring company. One day, as you're out shopping for some new adventuring gear, a massive earthquake rumbles throughout the city! Upon stepping outside, you notice that right where your company office once stood, a mysterious portal has appeared! Now you must delve into the dangerous business of dungeon exploration in order to rescue your employees and restore your business!

Key Features

  • Grid Battle System: Players will explore maps and battle enemies on a grid-based battlefield. You will have to form a team that can effectively carry out the battle depending on the enemies and terrain. The bigger your company becomes, the more employees you can hire!
  • Turn-Based Battles: Shachibato adopts a traditional turn-based SRPG battle system, where you will take control of up to 5 units to battle against fierce enemies.
  • The Toichi Gate: This mysterious gate appeared out of nowhere and leads to terrifying dungeons. The gate will open every 10 days, so before then you'll have use your time wisely to recruit and train a talented group of employees to send into it!
  • Dungeon Exploration: Within dungeons are various treasures and items, as well as specific missions to complete. You'll also have to be on the lookout for lost employees waiting to be rescued, so explore each dungeon thoroughly and track them down!
  • Hire New Talent: Through your HR department you can hire new adventuring employees. There are a variety of jobs such as warrior, cleric, wizard, and so on. Decide what skill sets you need most and interview your potential new recruits!

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