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Episode 7

by MrAJCosplay/Cartoon Cipher,

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Digimon Ghost Game continues to go strong with its monster-of-the-week format while simultaneously giving us a few drops of interesting world-building along the way. This episode was noticeably a bit creepier compared to the last one and it's nice to see some of the negative influences that these ghost Digimon are having on normal people be a bit more present at the forefront. The goal of the Digimon is relatively simple: they just want to release any and all birds that happen to be in cages. But the simplicity of that goal was amplified by just how creepy and foreboding the bird watcher that was helping the Digimon acted. It's interesting how one episode showed us a Digimon in the background that was being worshiped as a deity because of a simple act of kindness, and yet here we see someone go full cult leader with these birds after seeing the power they can have on the real world. When it became clear that the threat would be more of an aerial one, I knew this would also be a good opportunity to introduce Gammamon's new digivolution form that we see present in the opening. So while a bit predictable, the overall package is relatively solid.

I will say though that personally, I'm starting to be a bit weary of the show as a production and how the execution of a lot of its interesting ideas will never really be more than just OK when the animation quality is this flat and stoic. There were quite a few episodes of the show so far that I praised because of their interesting sound design, creepy scenarios, and scene layouts. However, when it comes to the actual animation quality and art design, I don't think I've come across a single episode so far aside from the digivolution sequence that was above average. This was an episode where I could definitely see the premise and overall atmosphere invoking that sense of fear, but when most of the characters appear flat and their movements feel static with the occasional off-looking closeup, things get more difficult. I hope this doesn't become a prevailing issue because this is definitely a solid show that deserves a bit more of a solid shot from those making it.


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