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One Piece
Episode 1054

by Grant Jones,

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One Piece ?
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© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

One Piece returns after a multi-week break, and it has a bit of a mixed impact for me.

On the one hand, 1054 exemplifies a lot of what makes Wano great. We've got an epic battle in the heart of Onigashima, with Killer and Hawkins battling it out with the catch that Killer cannot hurt Hawkins without hurting Kid as well. Elsewhere, Kid and Big Mom are throwing down with similarly titanic results. Finally, the supernovas who wowed us from their first appearance are getting ample spotlight time to show their stuff and it feels like everything is on the line for them.

In a similar vein, the visuals are top-notch. The amount of detail and visual splendor on display is truly something else, and the Toei team goes all out seemingly every week for Wano. Everything from the high level of detail on Killer's cracked mask to the gorgeous flip/cut attack is impressive on a purely technical level. While at the same time, the artistic choices like switching between the blue and red filters at the moment of decisive impact or the shot of Hawkins spraying blood and cards as he is struck down show the elevation of the core manga material. One Piece has absolutely benefited from this arc being translated into animation.

At the same time, 1054 underscores Wano's continuing struggles in the same breath. We already have roughly half a dozen Most Important Battles In the World going on right now, and this is yet another. It's hard to keep ramping up that investment while not thinking bout the other battles I'm already wanting to see the outcome of happening elsewhere in the raid. In fact, this is Killer's second big dramatic plot thread in an already massive arc. Obviously, this is a continuation of that first thread, and a bit of closure on what has been done to him here on Wano, but when those events happened literal years ago in both the anime and the manga it reminds you just how long we've been doing this and the weariness starts to set in once again. At this point, I'm personally ready to get back to the Kaido and Luffy fight.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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