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Episode 957

by Grant Jones,

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As Luffy continues his training in Wano, major events are happening elsewhere. At the sea around the entrance to the New World, Fujitora's fleet is surging forward. Fujitora reflects on the conversation he had with Doflamingo regarding his plans to abolish the Seven Warlord system.

We then move to Marijoa where the World Conference of 50 kings and queens representing 170 countries - the Reverie - is being held. A week after the Reverie, Garp is at Fish-Man Island after having escorted Neptune and Shirahoshi back safely. Garp says he can't stay long because the Reverie always sets large events in motion. This time even Garp has more cause than normal for being worried - he has received a troubling report regarding Alabasta.

Once again we cut back in time to a scene at the World Economic Journal. Big News Morgans is practically ecstatic announcing the next headline when a missive arrives from the government. They want him to cover up an incident, but he refuses. In that moment the delivery man pulls a gun and tries to force him but Morgans lays him out flat with a sucker punch. He sends the news birds even as King Wapol sends him new information as they leave.

News spreads around the world from Alabasta to the Revolutionary Army and beyond - Sabo has died.

In Ebisu, a snail rings. X Drake answers - it's Koby on the other end of the line. He has a report for his captain - yes, X Drake is the captain of Sword(?!). It turns out X Drake is an intelligence operative in this secret group, one that Koby also has to keep a secret from his fellow crew members. Koby reports that the Navy will not get involved, expecting Kaido and Big Mom to go at each other. X Drake reports the shocking news that they have joined together. Also, the World Government has been secretly doing business with Wano! Meanwhile, Koby's fleet is heading to capture Boa Hancock - because the Seven Warlords have been disbanded. A stylish review of the Seven Warlords follows and a general overview of their run-ins with the Straw Hats. The Navy is closing in on all of them, and from Boa to Buggy to Mihawk - they are ready to fight.

So I think my review for this week could be summed up thusly:



Really just full broadside of excellence right here. This episode is, scientifically speaking, amazing. It manages to adapt one of the most exciting chapters in the manga and somehow take it to the next level. In terms of plot and story content, we have developments which rock the status quo that had existed for decades in real time. In terms of fanservice and old favorites, we get a brief moment with many of the series' most iconic characters (the villains naturally). In terms of providing information, we understand the general movements of the rest of the world outside of the lengthy Wano arc.

But most importantly I think is the sheer energy in this episode.

If you are a current fan of One Piece - this episode is for you.

If you are a lapsed fan of One Piece - this episode is for you.

If you have only heard of One Piece - this episode is for you.

If you are a freshly unfrozen homo sapien from the middle paleolithic who is struggling to adapt to a modern world beyond your mind's wildest imaginations - then, my soggy hairy friend, this episode is for you.

Every second of this episode oozes style and impact. Dutch angles and tense close-ups at the Reverie. Big News Morgans high octane punching an assassin. Movie-quality promos for each of the Seven Warlords. Buggy being a goof. Our blessed lady Alvida getting screen time. Kinetic movement and smooth animation and pure malicious villain energy and and and and and...

I know I sound like a shill but honestly this is everything to me. As a One Piece fan, the size and scope of the political environment and dynamic cast are the main draw. This episode has that in spades. The Toei team takes one of the most momentous chapters of one of the greatest manga of all time and dials it up to 11. I honestly feel like seeing this episode on its own would make anyone hyped for One Piece, and it has me wanting to relive the series all over again.

Maybe a reread is in my future...


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