The Wonderful and Powerful Gods of Noragami

by FUNimation (Paid Advertisement),
Hiyori Iki was living a quiet and ordinary life until the fateful day that she crossed paths with a mysterious young man, dressed in a jersey and a fluffy scarf. Now she lives in a world full of powerful gods and their living weapons. In Noragami, modern Japan mixes with ancient Shinto and Buddhist folklore. Hiyori will not only be faced with mythical dangers, dropped in the middle of an ancient war of gods and phantoms, but will battle for her soul itself. FUNimation brings the first season to you at a special price, with a webstore Exclusive Edition that includes a Yato business card holder, and a bonus 5 yen coin to get you started as your own Delivery God. The set is ultra limited to 500 units, and can only be found at .

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