Girls und Panzer der Film Rolls Into Theaters

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This weekend, North American licensor Sentai Filmworks in partnership with distributor ELEVEN ARTS, reunited fans with their favorite tank girls in a big way as Team Anglerfish rolled onto the big screen for the official U.S. premiere of Girls und Panzer der Film.

The movie, a continuation of the popular Girls und Panzer TV series, was released nationally to theaters on November 18, 2016 and will continue to play in Los Angeles, Cerritos, Orlando, Bensalem (PA), and more. Movie-goers will receive a free mini-poster as a theatrical giveaway! Click here for ticketing and screening information.

The story follows Miho Nishizumi and the girls of Ooarai Girls Academy as they fight epic battles to save their school from closing down in a universe where tanks and tactics do the talking. The martial art of tank operating, known as Sensha-do (or “the Way of the Tank”), is that world's most popular extracurricular activity, as common to their world as football or marching band is to ours.

In Japan, the film was ranked the highest-grossing movie of its opening weekend in 2015. Additionally, it won the coveted Seiun Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, a prize given to astounding works of science fiction, as well as the Sanctuary Award from the 25th Japan Movie Critics Award.

Girls und Panzer der Film kicked off in the States with a premiere event in San Francisco's historic Japantown. Premiere-goers received a swag bag with exclusive goods including buttons, custom posters, and a limited edition shikishi-board style art card. After the showing, fans were able to participate in a Q&A session with the English-dub director and take photos with Team Anglerfish cosplayers.

Girls und Panzer der Film U.S. theatrical director Kyle C. Jones poses with Team Anglerfish cosplayers.

The English-dub of the theatrical film was directed by Kyle Colby Jones (No Game No Life, Akame ga Kill!, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Parasyte -the maxim-). Margaret McDonald (Miho), Rebekah Stevens (Yukari), Jessica Calvello (Saori), Caitlynn French (Hana), and Molly Searcy (Mako) reprised their roles from the 2014 English dub of the original TV series. “Getting together as many actors from the original TV series cast as possible, while challenging, was one of the most rewarding things about working on this movie,” says Jones, “they were really excited to return to their tank girl roles.” In a special theatrical event in Houston, fans got to meet members of the English dub vocal cast, including Caitlynn French, the voice of Hana Izusu, Team Anglerfish's Tank Gunner.

“Getting to hear everybody together sounds fantastic,” says French, “I love hearing the finished product because, in the studio, you don't always get you hear that. You hear bits and pieces, so when it all comes together, it's very rewarding.” For information on the movie, its cast, and more, visit:


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