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Anime Spotlight - I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job.

by Justin Sevakis,

October, 2013 (JST, Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director: Kinji Yoshimoto
    (Genshiken 2, Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin)
Series Composition: Masashi Suzuki
    (Sacred Blacksmith, Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox)
Character Design: Tetsuya Takeuchi
    (Yomigaeru Sora – RESCUE WINGS -)
Animation Production


A Consumer Electronics Comedy Woven by the Candidate for Hero and the Demon King's daughter in a magnificent fantasy world!

“Fuhahahaha! Congratulations on reaching my register, Customer!”


On the day before his Hero Exam, the Demon King was defeated, so now that Raul can't become a Hero, he settles down to work at Magic Shop Leon, a small consumer electronics store in the Royal Captial. After leaving his heroics behind and becoming a store clerk, Raul has been busy every day. However, his average life takes a great turn when he meets a young girl seeking a part time job. Her name is Fino. She's the daughter of the defeated Demon King.


Raul Chaser
VA: Keisuke Koumoto

Age: 17
Height: 171cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Everything Hero-related, Personal Training, Cataloging Arms and Armor
Favorite Foods: Hamburgers, His mother's homemade plum cake
Favorite Color: Black
His tastes (fetishes) in women: He prefers beautiful girls over cute girls. When he looks at women his eyes tend to go towards their breasts or legs.

Former Hero candidate. At the Hero Training Academy, he was the top of his class, and the closest man to becoming the next Hero. Now he's a full time employee at one of the Royal Capital's magic shops. He still clings to his desire to be the Hero, but he reluctantly found a job. When he gets put in charge of training Fino, he starts gaining motivation towards his job. He's maintained the abilities he cultivated when he was aiming to be a Hero, and he can still defeat monsters in a single blow. His retorts to Fino are already reflexive.

“What do you think you're doing to our customers!”

Fino Bloodstone
VA: Azusa Tadokoro

Age: 15
Height: 148cm
Weight: 43kg
Three Sizes: B85 (E-Cup) W56 H79
Blood Type: Demon, O
Hobbies: Working, Collecting receipts
Favorite Foods: Fresh Meat!, Crepes, Raul's fried eggs
Favorite Color: Red
Her tastes (fetishes) in men: Cool guys! (However, her idea of cool is based on elementary school boys.)

The Demon King's daughter. Since the Demon King was defeated, she's become an employee-in-training at Leon in the Royal Capital. She lacks a bit of common sense, but she's very honest, hard-working, and straightforward. She possesses vast magical power that has yet to awaken, so she can't use magic without channeling though a magic item. However, she also lacks control and occasionally causes the magic item to go berserk. She inherited her father's loud laughter and intimidating air of hostility, allowing her to break the spirit of thieves in an instant.

“Fuhahahaha! Congratulations on reaching my register, Customer!”

Airi Alternate
VA: Kanae Iwasaki

Age: 17
Height: 167cm
Weight: 54kg
Three Sizes: B79 (A Cup) W59 H77
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Reading books in the library (Because it's free), Supermarket-hopping (Her strong pride keeps her from trying anything that isn't recommended to her)
Favorite Foods: Cheap and filling food.
Favorite color: Green
Her tastes (fetishes) in men: Honest and diligent people.

Former Hero Candidate. Raul's rival from their Hero Training Academy days. She was called “All-A” due to her excellent marks. After the Hero policy was repealed, her pride kept her from telling Raul that she found a job at the major magic shop chain, Amada Magic, and she feels like that isn't where she belongs. She's interested in Raul as more than just a rival, and seeing Fino get along with him makes her angry. She has a complex towards women with big breasts.

“You disappoint me, Raul Chaser!!”

Seara August
VA: Maina Shimagata

Age: Unknown
Height: 159cm
Weight: 51kg
Three Sizes: B95 (H Cup) W60 H83
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Making her own magic items and outfits
Favorite food: Onii-chan's omelet rice, Colonia taro
Favorite Color: Orange
Her tastes (fetishes) in men: Types like her older brother, Elt

Manager of Leon Royal Capital Shop. She's a beautiful young girl who looks like she's in her teens, and she has a gentle, healing aura. However, she's very strict when it comes to business, and quite the clever one. She is kind, but also strict enough to give her bread crusts and tell her “You'll have to make do with this until you can earn better on your own.” She's actually the very person who defeated Fino's father, the Demon King.

“(Smile) It's an order as your boss♪”

Viser Crossroad
VA: Yoshihisa Kawahara

Age: Late 20s
Height: 185cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Photography, Cooking, Fishing, Watching Sports, Putting together his own magic computer, etc.
Favorite Foods: Stew
Favorite Color: Blue
His tastes (fetishes) in women: He loves big-breasted idols. He also loves cosplayers.

Vice-Manager of Leon Royal Capital Shop. He's a talented ME (Magic Engineer) and an expert on the construction of magical incantations. However, he's been through hard times with exploitative businesses that left him traumatized. He's always sighing and thinking negatively. He gives off an aura of not wanting to work. He's best friends with Elt, Seara's older brother, and her childhood friend.

“I don't want to wooooork…. The company can explode!”

Nova Luminous
VA: Madoka Sowa

Age: Unknown
Height: 160cm
Weight: 56kg
Three Sizes: B94 (G Cup) W62 H90
Blood Type: Unknown
Hobbies: Shopping
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Color: Unknown
Her tastes (fetishes) in men: Unknown

A part-timer at Leon Royal Capital Shop. She has a sexy body with big breasts and a big butt, and she's a cute girl who's a bit airheaded. She doesn't get piercings or anything to improve her strong sex appeal, and she's surprisingly earnest. She's very naïve and isn't fazed when her older coworkers touch her. While she tends to panic when things get busy, she's also so clueless she'll keep serving customers without realizing a thief is there.

“But, but, you can you touch if you want.”

Loa Peripheral
VA: Kumi Takaragi

Age: Unknown
Height: 145cm
Weight: 40kg
Three Sizes: B78 (B Cup) W57 H78
Blood Type: Unknown
Hobbies: Tinkering with Magic Items
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Color: Unknown
Her tastes (fetishes) in men: Unknown

Leon Royal Capital Shop's engineer. She's in charge of repairs and the air conditioner. Fundamentally, she's quite, but she becomes very talkative when it concerns machines and technology. However, when that happens she starts using difficult technical terms and verbose phrases. She stays calm no matter what, and expresses little emotion. It's hard to tell what she's thinking. Usually she's out on her personal carriage to conduct repairs, so she's rarely in the store. Her technical skill is solid, and Raul and the others look up to her as their senior.

“… This screw is beautiful.”

elsa Crucial
VA: Emi Nitta
Age: Unknown
Height: 162cm
Weight: 56kg
Three Sizes: B84 (C Cup) W61 H83
Blood Type: Unknown
Hobbies: Colleting information on magic items, expanding magic shops
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Color: Unknown
Her tastes (fetishes) in men: Unknown

Employee at LAWSON Royal Capital Shop. She's bright, and one of the rare few people who can talk casually to Raul. For example, they can have a casual chat in the classroom, but she's not a girl he sees a romantic interest. Although it seems Elza has a thing for Raul on the other hand… She's an extreme magic item aficionado. She's what you'd call a consumer electronics otaku. She was born in the rural country where no shops existed, but she read through catalogs until the pages wore out.

“Raul! Don't forget the new refrigerator catalog!”

Rhamdimia de Accememor
VA: Natsumi Yamada

Age: Unknown
Height: 143cm
Weight: 73kg
Three Sizes: B72 (AAA Cup. Flat-chested loli) W56 H71
Blood Type: Unknown
Hobbies: Watching splatter films and playing games.
Favorite Foods: Unknown
Favorite: Colors: Unknown
Her tastes (fetishes) in men: Unknown

Employee at LAWSON Royal Capital Shop. Her tone is often faked politeness as she spouts fair arguments, but she also has an Enshuu accent. She hates her name being shortened to LAM-chan. She seems to have an overbearing personality, but she keeps careful watch around here and shows consideration for others. She's actually a demon, and heiress to the demon world's famous Aximemor family. After the demon world broke down, she decided to emigrate to the human world and values coexisting with humans.

“Lamdimia Aximemor! Don't shorten it!”


Raul Chaser
Keisuke Koumoto
Fino Bloodstone
Azusa Tadokoro
Seara August
Maina Shimagata
Viser Crossroad
Yoshihisa Kawahara
Nova Luminous
Madoka Sowa
Loa Peripheral
Kumi Takaragi
elsa Crucial
Emi Nitta
Rhamdimia de Accememor
Natsumi Yamada
Airi Alternate
Kanae Iwasaki


Takeshi Yasuda
Original Creator
Jun Sakyō
Original Character Design
Masaki Inuzumi
Series Composition & Script
Masashi Suzuki
Character Design
Tetsuya Takeuchi
Chief Animation Director
Tetsuya Takeuchi
Maiko Okada
Fantasy Design
Yoshiteru Kuga
Prop Design
Mariko Kawamoto
Color Design
Naoki Fukutani
Art Director
Naoki Aoyama
(Production ai)
Director of Photography
Satoshi Fujita
(Studio Twinkle)
3D Director
Nozomi Harayama
(Studio Twinkle)
Junichi Itou
(Jay Film)
Sound Director
Yasushi Nagura
(Jay Film)
Sound Production
Masaru Yokoyama
Music Producer
Terunari Yoshie
Music Production
Kinji Yoshimoto
Animation Producer
Kiyonori Hiramatsu
Animation Production
Magic Shop Leon Royal Capital Shop

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