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Anime Spotlight - My Sister, My Writer

by ANN Staff,
Premieres October 10, 2018

Key Staff

Director: Hiroyuki Furukawa
(My Wife is the Student Council President (TV), My First Girlfriend is a Gal (TV))
Series Composition: Yūichirō Momose
(My First Girlfriend is a Gal (TV))


Yu Nagami is a high school student aiming to be a light novel author, and he has a little sister named Suzuka. Suzuka is a genius student, but is strangely harsh with her elder brother.

On one fateful day, Yu learns a shocking truth about the light novel contest he has entered several times and never made past the first round... Suzuka's "brother-sister romantic comedy" novel was the winning entry!

To add to it all, Yu gets asked by Suzuka to take on her pen name Chikai Towano, since she knows nothing about light novels or "moe" at all! Yu debuts as an author (though not the way he wanted to), and starts his journey interacting with unique members of the publishing industry. He continues his struggle to uphold the Chikai Towano name for the sake of his beloved little sister.

And wait... Now Suzuka, who never showed a sliver of love for her brother is...!?

Character Names & Descriptions

Yu Nagami

Voice: Tasuku Hatanaka

A first-year in high school who is aiming to become a light novel author. He started writing after getting obsessed with light novels in middle school, but he's never been able to get past the first round of judging in any contests. Despite being a very caring brother to his little sister, he has no idea what "little sister moe" is. He ends up using the name Chikai Towano in place of Suzuka.

Suzuka Nagami

Voice: Reina Kondo

Yu's little sister. She is the student body president at Shirozakura Academy for Girls, a famous school for high-class ladies. She's a perfect girl who's gorgeous, has great grades, and is impeccable when it comes to housework. She appears to be very cold toward her brother, but in fact, she loves him more than anything. As a result, she ends up writing the award-winning novel "I Love My Big Brother So Much That I Can't Get Him Off My Mind."

Mai Himuro

Voice: Yui Ogura

Yu's classmate who is actually the popular light novelist Homura Enryu, whom Yu is a huge fan of. She's gorgeous and is very prideful, but is in fact enamored with the works of Chikai Towano. She starts to poke her nose into Yu's private life in order to discover the secret behind his talent as a writer.

Ahegao W Peace Sensei

Voice: Chinatsu Akasaki

An illustrator from England who is in charge of the art in Chikai Towano's works. She's a beautiful, busty, bespectacled woman who loves erotica, and she can't help talking about it. Her favorite sub-genres include rough and humiliation erotica.

Sakura Minazuki

Voice: Kazusa Aranami

A talented newbie voice actress who was chosen to play the main lead in a work for her debut role. Her acting, looks, and voice leave no room for complaints. She loves Chikai Towano's works, and it's her dream to play the little sister character that appears in the author's books. She calls Yu her big brother in order to try to be like his little sister, but she's actually quite a few years older than him.


Yu Nagami
Tasuku Hatanaka
Suzuka Nagami
Reina Kondo
Mai Himuro
Yui Ogura
Ahegao W Peace Sensei
Chinatsu Akasaki
Sakura Minazuki
Kazusa Aranami


Original Light Novel
Seiji Ebisu (Original Creator), Gintarō (Original Character Design)
[Published in KADOKAWA Fantasia Bunko]
Director / Character Design
Hiroyuki Furukawa
Series Composition
Yūichirō Momose
Art Director
Masakazu Miyake
Color Design
Kumiko Yanagisawa
Sound Director
Kisuke Koizumi
Music Production
Animation Production
Magia Doraglier, NAZ
Theme Song Performance:
"Purely Monster" (Opening)
"Junjō no Afilia" (Innocent Afilia) (Ending)

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