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Anime Central 2001
ACen 2001: ADV Films

by George Phillips,
ADV Films

Matt Greenfield and David Williams fielded questions from fans seeking information about upcoming titles from ADV.

Titles to look for from ADV the rest of this year include:

AD Police
Bubblegum Crisis 2040
Martian Successor Nadesico
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Sorceror Hunters
City Hunter
Those Who Hunt Elves
Shin Kimagure Orange Road
Dirty Pair OAV

Also expect these titles in the near future:

Arc the Lad
Excel Saga
Princess 9
Power Stone
Those Who Hunt Elves 2
Super Milk-chan

As well as these films:

Martian Successor Nadesico The Movie
The You're Under Arrest movie
Gamera 1 (on DVD)
Gamera 2 and 3 (limited theatrical release)
Parasite Eve (currently in a limited theatrical run)

and finally, Spriggan, due out in theaters this September.

Expect Neo Ranga and more Slayers in early 2002.

From 4 DVDs in March to 8 in April and now 14 in May, ADV has kept David Williams busy with new releases. He restated his intent to have most of ADV's back catalog on DVD by the year's end.

Daigar, Princess 9, and Arc the Lad will all be released across 6 DVDs. Although the number of DVDs Excel Saga will span hasn't been determined yet David did state, "I think you'll see more of these in the future."

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 has been slated to air on television for a while now, and ADV said it will be on the Encore Action! channel, which has broadcast other ADV titles. The airing will not be cut. Cartoon Network has turned down Neon Genesis Evangelion, contrary to rumors hinting otherwise. They are interested in several other shows, but since the titles are under negotiation still no more can be said.

The first season of Sailor Moon may receive a DVD release, but fans must be aware that 3 companies handle the Sailor Moon rights currently. In addition, video editing and numerous changes in voice actors and actresses make dubbing missing episodes, or providing a subtitled track difficult.

Excel Saga will be dubbed! However, ADV is having trouble (and rightly so) finding skilled voice actresses that can talk as fast and naturally as the original seiyuu for Excel.

Spriggan will have a theatrical release this September. The MPAA has rated the film "R" for numerous scenes of graphic violence. Similar to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, this film will also see a "platform release". Spriggan will open in a few cities and expand as demand rises.

David Williams stated that "almost all" of ADV's back catalog will be out on DVD by the end of this year. For future dual-sided cover releases, all ADV had to say was, "We're talking about it."

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