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Visual Art's/Key's Harmonia Kinetic Novel Delayed Again

posted on by Karen Ressler

Visual Art's/Key announced on Thursday that it is again delaying its Harmonia kinetic novel PC game "due to a further enhancement of the original Japanese script and sound effects."

The game was slated for release before the end of 2015, but Visual Art's/Key delayed the game until this spring. The company has not revealed a new release window after the second delay, but is aiming for a 2016 release.

The company had announced via an English promotional video that it plans to release the game first in English before it will release the game in Japan.

Visual Art's/Key describes the story as follows:

This is a story from a very, very distant era.
The world has suffered from a great war.
The contaminated atmosphere is turning ash gray, life on earth almost came to a stop and water started vanishing.
The world population has declined remarkably compared to the Golden age.
The people joined together to live in this world.

It was in these times, that a “Phiroid”, a robot that can feel, woke up in a decayed facility.
The fruit of science before the war, a humanoid, feeling robot.
They were promised a new partner, one that could make their life easier
But the awakened Phiroid finds out very quickly that he is emotionless.
Perhaps he was not finished during the manufacturing process, since his right hand is not covered with artificial skin, his mechanical parts visible.
The Phiroid boy wanted to get closer to humans.
And continued to wander through this devastated world, looking for the emotions he was missing.
One day, he was taken in by a girl.
She thinks of him as a human, and is kindly looking after him.
A little but warm town.
The Phiroid boy began learning what feelings are in living together with the girl.

The game celebrates Key's 15th anniversary, and the theme of the game is "emotion."

KAI (Clannad) is planning the game, and Itaru Hinoue (Air, Clannad, Little Busters!) is drawing the original art and the character designs. KAI and Tsuzuru Nakamura are in charge of the game's scenario. Shinji Orito (Air, Clannad, Little Busters!) is scoring the music. Ayaka Kitazawa sings the opening song "Todoketai Melody," while Haruka Shimotsuki sings the ending theme song "Towa no Hoshi e."

Source: Siliconera (Jenni)

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