Cosplayers Delight and Amuse at Comiket 88

posted on 2015-08-15 23:15 EDT by Eric Stimson
That String, Umaru, Cloyster, Ladybeard, and more

As Japan's largest anime/manga fan culture gathering, Comiket can always be relied on to provide some interesting, amusing, clever, and occasionally downright bizarre cosplay. This summer's Comiket, which is occurring this weekend, is no exception.

First off, here's an unusual take on Hestia cosplay. The Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? character may have inspired some of her fans to envy her famous string ("That String"), but this cosplayer went a step further and became the string.

These ten girls showed their love for Sailor Moon by cosplaying as the Sailor Warriors. They are introduced by a Kagura cosplayer (Gintama).

These gents opted for Tōken Ranbu cosplay, dressing up as Kogitsunemaru, Yoshiyuki Mutsunokami, Mitsutada Shokudaikiri, Samonji Sōza, Jirōtachi, Kotetsu Nagasone and Shishiō. The presenter invites them to show off their handmade costumes, swords and wounds.

High-profile cosplayer and gravure model Nekomu Otogi was present at the Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers booth in Nachetanya cosplay, where she participated in a campaign against illegal downloading.

This guy decided to dress as Charge Man Ken, which is considered one of the worst anime of all time.

These cosplayers reenacted the "Jewel Voice Broadcast," in which the Emperor announced Japan's surrender in World War II, and whose 70th anniversary falls today.

This cosplayer seems to be taking both sides in the Mushroom-Bamboo Shoot War.

Here's Vice President Meiko of Prison School.

This version of Nagato from Kantai Collection seems a little buffer than usual...

Umaru from Himouto! Umaruchan made an appearance in her "inside" form.

Porco Rosso once again wants to take it easy.

One of the Splatoon squids showed up, and in squid form too.

Ladybeard, Japan's infamous crossdressing idol, made an inevitable appearance and channeled his energy into a Chun-Li cosplay (from Street Fighter II).

These girls had a bit of fun with their weight: Debu means "fat" in Japanese, and sounds similar to the Japanese pronunciation of "love" (rabu), so they group cosplayed as "Debu Live!"

This fellow put a unique spin on his cosplay of Cloyster (Pokémon).

Comiket attendees also noticed a peculiar "Oil King" making the rounds. If you're interested in seeing more of the varied cosplay on display at Comiket, check out the links below!

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