Tokimeki Recipe Show Starring Voice Actors Streams for Golden Week

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Video distribution service Animate Channel announced on Thursday that it is streaming the first four episodes of the live-action Tokimeki Recipe Shitsuji Restaurant e Yōkoso (Welcome to the Throbbing Recipe Butler Restaurant) television series for Golden Week this year. Viewers can relive the show's voice actor restaurant experience during Japan's spring vacation period.

The available episodes star the following voice actors:

Kensho Ono and Shouta Aoi

Tetsuya Kakihara and Toshiki Masuda

Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Takuya Eguchi

Tsubasa Yonaga and Daiki Yamashita

In the show, popular voice actors appear as butlers and provide a personal cooking experience for viewers. The voice actors take orders at a secret restaurant, choose ingredients, prepare food, and arrange the dishes for serving. The currently streaming episodes range in length from 79 to 147 minutes. The show's fifth new episode, which features Kazuyuki Okitsu and Yūma Uchida, and the sixth new episode, which features Tasuku Hatanaka and Arthur Lounsbery, are not streaming for the Golden Week promotion.

The show's sixth DVD release for its new series shipped on December 21. The show held an event to celebrate the release in January.

The original Anime Seijin Tokimeki Recipe show aired from 2010 to 2012. The new series' first episode debuted on DVD in 2014. The studio AIC produced the "Yakimochi Caprice" (Grilled Rice Cake Caprice) special ending animation sequence for the show in 2011.

The Golden Week holidays are a string of national holidays that give most workers in Japan time off. The holidays include Showa Day (April 29), Constitution Day (May 3), Greenery Day (May 4), and Children's Day (May 5).

Source: Animate Times

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