Touken Ranbu Musical's 'Kessen no Kachidoki' Full Music Video Streamed

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The official Twitter account for the Touken Ranbu musicals shared the full-length music video for the song "Kessen no Kachidoki" by the "Touken Danshi" character team "Bakumatsu" and Tomoegata Naginata. The song is the musical's sixth single and was released on Wednesday. There are multiple editions of the single, 12 in total, each with a different actor's face or full body shot on the front.

The song features actors Yūki Torigoe (Yamatonokami Yasusada), Shōtarō Arisawa (Izuminokami Kanesada), Shin Tamura (Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki), Shogo Sakamoto (Horikawa Kunihiro), Yu Imari (Nagasone Kotetsu), and Haruki Kiyama (Tomoegata Naginata).

Touken Ranbu's fifth stage musical debuted on March 24, with its final performance in Tokyo on May 6. The musicals are also receiving a "Kashū Kiyomitsu Solo Performance" event and a third "Shinken Ranbu Sai" event. The franchise is also inspiring a separate series of stage plays. The fifth stage play ran from June 2 to July 29. The group's first European performance took place in Paris in July. The musical then returned to Tokyo for a performance that ran from August 3 to August 19.

The stage musical cast appeared on the pitcher's mound at the Tokyo Dome for the Yomiuri Giants game against the Tokyo Yakult Swallows earlier this month.

Source: Touken Ranbu Musica's Twitter account via Nijimen

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