3rd Trigger Patreon-Funded Stream Shows Live Drawing of Kill la Kill's Satsuki

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Guests were in-between animator Tetsuya Sakurai and producer Hiromi Wakabayashi

Trigger held its third Patreon-funded live drawing stream on Wednesday. The animation studio first launched its Patreon page in July last year. In-between animator Tetsuya Sakurai and producer Hiromi Wakabayashi were guests on the stream. Patreon backers voted for Sakurai to draw Kill la Kill fan-favorite character Satsuki.

During the stream Sakurai described his work as an in-between animator. He said that his first work for Trigger was on Darling in the Franxx. He also said that he was a big fan of Kyoto Animation's works but chose to submit his portfolio to Trigger instead of Kyoto Animation because he wants to keep the anime he likes separate as a hobby. He chose to work at Trigger because he thought the art direction would be the most entertaining to work with.

Sakurai said that he draws about 10 in-between frames a day, and that it generally takes him around an hour to draw each frame. Although he stated that he felt that the work was "tough and uncomfortable" when he started out, he has come to enjoy it now. Nevertheless, he said that he would like to become a key animator or episode director one day.

"When you're an animator, you have to be able and willing to draw pretty much anything and not just what you like. This means drawing things you aren't familiar with from every single angle and in every single position. Due to the high level of skill required, I think it's the perfect place to hone my drawing skills."

Sakurai said that he appreciated the Patreon campaign and support from overseas fans. "Receiving tips and compensation on the basis of appreciation is a rather foreign way of doing things," he remarked.

In the first live drawing stream, Little Witch Academia director Yoh Yoshinari drew Akko. In the second stream, Akihito Sato drew Ryuko from Kill la Kill. The next stream will feature illustrator Mago, who is best known for drawing the character designs for Space Patrol Luluco.

Source: Studio Trigger Twitch stream via Otaquest (Petrit Elshani)

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