Publisher Hachidori Launches Magazine for Golf Manga

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

When it comes to sport manga, the genre is dominated by soccer and baseball if a few other contact sports like basketball, boxing, volleyball, and rugby in the mix. Every once and awhile there will be a popular series that comes straight out of left field, like Chihayafuru (fight me) or a fictional sport like Keijo!!!!!!!! That said, golf might be one of the most neglected sports in the manga market. The most recent series that comes to mind is Tadatoshi Fujimaki's Robot × Laserbeam manga in Weekly Shonen Jump. The series ended after about a year.

There must be some demand for golf manga because publisher Hachidori just launched its own comic magazine dedicated solely to golf.

Golf Enjoy Comic's first issue hit store shelves on March 25. The inaugural issue includes series by Toshiya Masaoka, Yoshinobu Numa, Seiichi Ikeuchi, Kōichirō Takahashi, Seisaku Kanō, and Sadayoshi Ishii. The listed manga include original stories by Tetsuya Chiba, Kazuo Koike, and Yō Kobori.

Besides manga, the magazine also includes tips to better you swing game, courses to try out, and golf merchandise.

Source: Comic Natalie

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