Spanish Anime not doing well

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UMJAMS has an article detailing the problems currently facing television broadcasts of Anime in Mexico.


The economic downturn in the US is effecting Mexican speciality TV networks such as Televisa and TV Azteca because of cuts in local and American advertising budgets. A much smaller number of new shows will be shown in the coming season.
Televisa announced a cut of more than 2500 people in its personal, and will be choosing to re-run old shows rather than introduce new ones. The only anime show it will be airing it St. Tail. The network has the rights to a large number of anime series, but they are shying away from airing them due to controversy. Anime has been labeled "satanic-high sexually-violent" by ultra-conservatory groups that are now in the Mexican federal government.
TVC, an cable channel owned by PCTV, the company that sells the signals of TV Cable to operator companies in Mexico, has remove anime series "Tico y sus Amigos" (Nanatsu no Umi no Tico), "La Isla Del Tesoro" (Treasure Island), and "Time Quest!" (Time Travel Tondekeman!). The shows have been replaced by the TV children soap opera El Club de los 7. "Super Campeones" (Captain Tsubasa J) has been moved to Saturday morning where it is the only anime being show. Anime is being replaced by teen series like Hang Out!, California Dreams, Hardy Boys, and other similars from early 90's, and will run an animated series "El Reino de Kingsley" (Kinglsey kingdom), an animated religious show.
Fox Kids still not confirm the premiere of Patlabor 2: The Movie, but in some tv schedule indicate that it will premiere the Saturday 12th. The only new show confirmed by FK is Kong, a cartoon series by BKN. But, in its official page, FK announced the premiere of Digimon 02 in July. The movie of this series, named in US "Digimon: The Movie", is on sale on video in Mexico, season.

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