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Pioneer at AX

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Several announcements were made at the Pioneer Panel, including new shows and releases.

Chad Kime represented Pioneer Entertainment at Anime Expo this year.

First, Chad went down the list of upcoming new releases:

August: Hand Maid May vol. 1 (of 3), NieA_7 vol. 1 (of 4)
September: Gatekeepers vol. 1 (of 8; 3 eps per volume)

While concluding opening remarks, Chad announced that
"Before the End of the Year" we would probably see the Ah! My Goddess movie and the Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses following soon after. Mini-Goddesses was included in the license for the movie.

Other major acquisitions included:
Soul Taker (a show that only began airing in Japan this year)
Vandread season 1 (previously rumored licensed by Media Blasters)
Armitage: Dual-Matrix (featuring all digital production, this Armitage: Polymatrix sequel is still in development)

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, Sherlock Hound has been delayed. The English and Japanese voice tracks don't synch properly and will need fixed or remastered before production can continue. Sherlock Hound was an early 80s TV series directed (in part) by Hayao Miyazaki. It had originally been dubbed in English, then later Japanese and Italian.

This winter we should see a number of new boxed sets, including Trigun, Serial Experiments Lain, Sailor Moon Movies, and Tenchi Universe (Tenchi TV Series 1).

Although very little could be said other than "our licensor requested it", Card Captor Sakura volume 4 is still delayed until January 2002. Meanwhile, Volume 5 is due out in September, with Volume 6 in November. Chad noted that while the eyecatches vary in their release from the original Japanese LDs, they only release what they're given by the Japanese licensor. Pioneer holds the rights to all of the CCS episodes, as well as Movie #1.

Soul Taker will have some segments re-animated before it will be released in America. Chad said this is because the production studio barely met episode deadlines and so shortcuts were made in the original TV release.

Ah! My Goddess: The Movie will probably not be made with Coastal Carolina. Chad said he was "98% sure", even though numerous attendees voiced opposition to this. Coastal Carolina had originally dubbed the OVA series, licensed by AnimEigo.

Akira will receive an un-determined as-of-yet theatrical release in September. Akira's Digital Theatrical release this spring ended when Pearl Harbor was released. The DVDs are still on schedule for a July 24th release.

Finally, the techno/anime "AnimeTronix" project is dead. Simple as that.

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