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ADV made several huge announcements, particularly in the licensing and acquisition department. Some of the titles announced include Noir, Mahou Senshi Riui (Rune Soldier), and Saiyuki..

ADV had several huge announcements at Anime Expo this year, ranging from new TV series to updated theatrical releases.

First of all, ADV had a massive list of upcoming titles, some of which had previously been announced, and many more which had not. Amongst their acquisitions are:

Dirty Pair OAVs
“Let's Dance With Papa”
Puni Puni Poemi (Excel Saga spin-off OVA series)
Chivas 1-2-3 (known as Sorcerer on the Rocks in America)
Sakura Wars OAV Series 2
Sakura Wars TV
Zone of Enders OVA and TV (new acquisition)
Sin 2
New Urotsukidouji OVA series (new acquisition)
Aura Battler Dunbine (new acquisition)
Cutie Honey (New series in production)
Eden's Bowy (new acquisition)
Excel Saga
Rune Soldier (Mahou Senshi Riui; new acquisition)
Neo Ranga
Noir (new acquisition)
Power Stone
Saiyuki (new acquisition)
Steel Angel Kurumi OVA and TV (new acquisition)
Super Milk-chan!
Wild Arms

ADV and Right Stuf will be releasing 100 titles under the Anime Trax label in the upcoming year. Titles will be released at 4-5 CDs per month, starting in approximately 6 months.

Excel Saga will enter ADR production soon, and may be available late this year or early next year. “No promises”, quipped ADV when asked if it would be available for Christmas.

ADV commented on the floods troubling Houston in recent months: “Someone up there must really want us to release Excel Saga.” In the end, ADV's offices were spared from damage, although some employees lost cars and homes.

The dub of Orphen (which has been considered some of the most Americanized dubbing by ADV to date) was made with an American TV audience in mind, ADV said. Negotiations for a possible televised showing have not been ruled out, as negotiations are “ongoing”. No possible networks were mentioned.

Nadia, however, will be on one of two networks that show anime, Matt Greenfield said. Rumors at Anime Expo suggest these two are Cartoon Network (in the Toonami block) or Encore Action, which has shown numerous ADV titles including Bubble Gum Crisis 2040. ADV could not be reached at press time to confirm or deny these possible networks.

When asked about Dirty Pair, ADV dodged by saying “Well, we own the OVAs. We gotta have something to announce at other conventions.” Neither implying nor denying the license to the TV series. Matt Greenfield did mention that many ADV employees are fans of Dirty Pair and would like to see it released in America.

A new Slayers OVA series is now in production. The show is tentatively titled “Slayers 5”, but no new information could be presented. Other older shows that may receive a revival include Dragon Half, which ran for 2 OVAs.

Finally, Burn Up Excess TV is coming soon, thanks in part to the useage of Rio for a new orange drink add campaign.

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