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Top U.K. Anime Releases in May 2013

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Month ostensibly topped by Dragon Ball, but Highschool of the Dead may be winner.

The All the Anime website has posted lists of the top anime releases in the UK in May 2013; the overall top sellers, and the new titles released in May.

All the Anime commented: "We think there's a statistic glitch and Highschool of the Dead may actually have been the top seller [on both lists] but based on its release date a lot of the sales had not yet been processed in the system. We expect its actual result was in excess of 1,400 units in fact."

Overall Bestsellers

All the Anime said that Season 7 of Dragon Ball Z has sold just over 1,000 copies, despite being released in the middle of the month. The lowest seller, Akira, had to shift just over 350 copies.

1 Dragon Ball Z Season 7

2 Pokémon 4Ever

3 My Neighbor Totoro

4 Hellsing Ultimate Parts 5-8

5 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

6 Bleach Complete Series 10

7 Black Rock Shooter 8 Spirited Away

9 Mawaru Penguindrum Box Set 1

10 Akira

Titles Released in May 2013

1 Dragon Ball Z Season 7

2 Hellsing Ultimate Parts 5-8

3 Bleach Complete Series 10 4 Black Rock Shooter

5 Mawaru Penguindrum Box Set 1

6 K-ON! Season 2 Part 1

7 Bodacious Space Pirates Part 2

8 Mayo Chiki!

9 Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls

10 Highschool of the Dead [but see note above.]

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