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Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses 'My Pancreas Broke, But My Life Got Better', Black Night Parade Manga

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Yomotsuhegui, Obey Me! The Comic, My Dog is a Death God, more also licensed

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment
Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it has licensed the My Pancreas Broke, But My Life Got Better, Black Night Parade, Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld, Obey Me! The Comic, and My Dog is a Death God manga. Seven Seas also licensed both the light novel and manga of Reincarnated Into a Game as the Hero's Friend: Running the Kingdom Behind the Scenes.

Seven Seas will also release a new hardcover edition of Kabi Nagata's My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness manga digitally and in print in November 2023. The new edition will have new cover art and a bonus chapter. East Press released the new edition of the manga in Japan in June 2022.

Seven Seas will release Kabi Nagata's My Pancreas Broke, But My Life Got Better (Suizō ga Kowaretara, Sukoshi Ikiyasuku Narimashita.) manga both digitally and in print in November. Seven Seas describes the autobiographical manga:

In this new autobiographical manga following My Wandering Warrior Existence, Nagata Kabi has quit drinking in an attempt to get healthier–or she's trying to, anyway. Her former struggles with alcohol led to pancreatitis and a serious hospitalization, and now she has no choice but to give it up. Follow the author as she details the quest to improve her health during a global pandemic.

East Press published the manga in Japan in December 2022.

Seven Seas Entertainment released Nagata's My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness manga in June 2017. The release has ranked on Amazon's list of Best Graphic Novels for 2017 and BookScan's monthly list of top selling comics. The company then released her My Solo Exchange Diary manga in June 2018. Seven Seas released Nagata's My Alcoholic Escape from Reality (Genjitsu Tōhi Shitetara Boroboro ni Natta Hanashi) manga in a single-volume edition digitally and in print in April 2021. Seven Seas released Nagata's My Wandering Warrior Existence (Meisō Sensi, Nagata Kabi) manga in March 2022.

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment
Seven Seas will release Hikaru Nakamura's Black Night Parade manga digitally and in print in November 2023. Seven Seas describes the manga:
Hino Miharu will be spending this Christmas just like the last: alone and working a dead-end job. All he wants is good employment, but when he meets a Santa Claus dressed in clothes as black as coal, he has no idea he's encountered the real deal...sort of. The Santa Claus dressed in red makes Christmas happen for good children everywhere, but his darker counterpart handles the holiday for the bad kids. As a name on the naughty list, Miharu is dashed away to work for the shadowy Santa. The pay and benefits are great, and his co-worker is cute–but will this end up being the dream job he's wished for, or a nightmare of a Christmas?!

Nakamura launched the manga in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump in November 2016. Shueisha published the manga's first compiled book volume in December 2016, and it published the eighth volume last December. The manga has also run in other venues, including Ultra Jump, Digital Margaret, Shonen Jump+, Cinra.net, Line Manga, pixiv Comic, Niconico Seiga, and more. The manga inspired a live-action film adaptation that opened in Japan last December at #4.

Nakamura is also currently drawing the Saint Young Men manga series, which started in 2006. The story follows the everyday lives of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, who are roommates living in an apartment in Tokyo. A two-volume original anime DVD project produced by A-1 Pictures shipped in 2012 and 2013, and the manga also inspired an animated film in 2013. The manga has since inspired a live-action adaptation.

Nakamura's previous work includes Arakawa Under the Bridge, which ran from December 2004 to July 2015. The manga series has spanned 14 volumes and inspired two television anime series, a live-action television series, and a live-action film. Vertical licensed the manga, and is releasing it in omnibus volumes.

Nakamura also illustrated NisiOisin's Juni Taisen - Zodiac War novel. Viz Media released the novel in October 2017, and it inspired aa television anime. Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan, and Funimation streamed a dub. The book received a sequel in December 2017.

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment
Seven Seas will release the first volume of Masasumi Kakizaki's Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld (Yomotsuhegui: Shisha no Kuni no Kajitsu) manga digitally and in print in February 2024. Seven Seas describes the manga:
Nawa Kanetsugu used to be a police officer, until his wife and child were murdered and he sought revenge by any means necessary. In a new quest for vengeance after he's released from prison, he discovers that a mortal wound won't kill him. A confrontation with a mysterious girl shows Nawa that he's eaten the fruit of Yomotsuhegui, the tree in the realm of the dead, and now he's an immortal with monstrous powers. The girl is a god of death who wants his help to fight other dangerous immortals, since there may still be a seed of justice in his heart. Will Nawa find his humanity again in saving others from supernatural evil, or will these ghastly powers turn him into a monster?

Kakizaki launched the manga in Kodansha's Monthly Young Magazine in October 2021. Kodansha published the manga's second volume in December 2022.

George Abe and Kakizaki's Rainbow - Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin prison manga inspired a television anime series in 2010. Funimation streamed the series on its website. A live-action film adaptation of Kakizaki's Kansen Rettō horror manga debuted in 2009.

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment
Seven Seas will release the first volume of Subaru Nitō's Obey Me! The Comic manga in print in December. Seven Seas describes the manga:
As school bells ring, a little sheep wakes up at the Royal Academy of Diavolo in the demon world Devildom–where seven eccentric demon princes await. This wooly critter is actually a human exchange student...so why are they so fluffy and cute, and why can't they remember anything? Now, they must figure out how to turn back into a human and regain their memories as princes named Lucifer, Leviathan, and more raise hell with their devilish hijinks!

Nitō launched the manga adaptation of the romance simulation mobile game Obey Me! – One Master to Rule Them All, in the Mag Garden Kansai web comic magazine in November 2021. NTT Solmare Corp's MangaPlaza manga website released the series in English in January 2022. The manga ended in December 2022. Mag Garden published the manga's third and finalcompiled book volume on February 14.

The otome game centers on a human who is selected to become an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons. Awaiting the protagonist are seven demon brothers each with a unique personality. The game app by NTT Solmare Corporation is part of the overall Shall We Date? series of otome games.

The game inspired an anime that debuted with English subtitles on the official YouTube channel for the Obey Me! game app in July 2021. Funimation also streamed the anime, and it describes the story:

Based on the popular mobile game of the same name, the Obey Me anime is a series of shorts depicting the lives of the brothers from the game. It's the perfect complement to the story you already know and love!

The anime's second season launched in July 2022.

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment
Seven Seas will release the first volume of Ritsu Aozaki's My Dog is a Death God (Yasashii Shinigami no Kaikata) manga digitally and in print in December. Seven Seas describes the manga:
Leo, a god of death, has been sent to save human souls at a small hospice called Okanoue Hospital. For this mission, he's been granted a special form: one with four legs, a tail, and a keen sense of smell. Thanks to his canine assets, Leo can seek out patients at the hospice who are plagued by a lifetime of regret. With his endearingly wet nose and friendly, furry appearance, Leo eases patients into their next life, seeing them off from the quiet hillside hospital without the burden of lingering remorse.

Aozaki launched the manga adaptation of Mikito Chinen's original novel in Micro Magazine's Comic Elmo website in May 2021. Micro Magazine published the manga's first volume in May 2022. Chinen published the original novel in May 2016.

Aozaki launched the manga adaptation of Asagi Orikawa's The Dragon Knight's Beloved (Ryūkishi no Okiniiri) light novel series in Ichijinsha's Monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine in 2019, and Ichijinsha published the manga's sixth volume in November 2022. Seven Seas is releasing the manga in English.

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment
Seven Seas will release the first volume of Yuki Suzuki and Sanshouuo's Reincarnated Into a Game as the Hero's Friend: Running the Kingdom Behind the Scenes (Maō to Yūsha no Tatakai no Ura de) light novel series in March 2024, and it will release the first volume of Rampei Ashio's manga adaptation digitally and in print in February 2024. Seven Seas describes the story:
A modern man is reincarnated into the world of a fantasy game he knows well: as Werner, the son of a powerful noble. The thing is, Werner isn't the hero or even the villain–he's a background character likely to die during a climactic siege! Werner seeks out and befriends the hero, but he doesn't have powerful enough skills to be a hero himself. Unwilling to die as a later plot point, Werner uses his knowledge of the game and his power as a noble to aid the hero and defend against evil attacks. That's when he realizes that when he does so, he saves other people who were doomed as he was, which changes the “plot” he thought was inevitable. As the hero's close comrade who can see the future, perhaps Werner will be a savior to this place, after all!

Yuki Suzuki began serializing the story in the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in March 2021, and the latest chapter debuted in October 2022. Overlap published the first print volume in March 2022, with illustrations by Sanshouuo. The second volume shipped in September 2022.

Rampei Ashio launched the manga adaptation in Overlap's Comic Gardo manga website in July 2022. Overlap published the first volume in November 2022.

Source: Press releases

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