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TOKYOPOP Launches Manga with a Novel Twist

Debut Manga Novel Line Includes Karma Club, Slayers, and Clamp School Case Files: Paranormal Investigators

Los Angeles, CA (March 3, 2004)--TokyoPop Inc. is pleased to unveil the latest addition to its rapidly growing publishing family--an innovative new line of manga novels. This inventive format combines the best of the visual and literary worlds: popular manga titles and original TOKYOPOP series presented in a unique novel layout and complemented by a weave of stunning manga-style illustrations. TOKYOPOP's much-anticipated manga novel imprint launches with a top-notch trio of engaging and easy-to-read titles. The latest original work by D. J. Milky, Karma Club, joins already popular manga series Slayers and Clamp School Case Files: Paranormal Investigators.

(Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure/Comedy, Volume 1 Release: 9/7/04)
Heading TOKYOPOP's trailblazing trio of manga novels is D. J. Milky's latest project Karma Club. From the creator of Princess Ai and Juror 13 comes this original series that takes place in a future where karma is the new currency, so good deeds really do pay off! However, evil never gives up, and a criminal organization known as the Tunnel is out to give peace no chance. When slithering green goo mysteriously begins appearing at crime scenes, five teen heroes--the Karma Club--try to shine a light on the darkness of the sinister Tunnel!

(Fantasy/Comedy, Volume 1 Release: 9/7/04)
Slayers, created by the team of Rui Araizumi and Hajime Kanzaka (Lost Universe), inspired the hit manga and one of the strongest anime titles in the genre. With a story that has entertained fans in the U.S. for more than ten years, this manga novel follows the laugh-out-loud misadventures of legendary warrior and sorceress babe Lina Inverse. When she comes across some stolen loot, she figures the thieves won't mind sharing. However, it turns out that Lina also snagged a secret hidden in the booty...and now everyone's out to see if she's got the goods.

(Action/Adventure/Comedy, Volume 1 Release: 9/7/04)
Fan-favorite CLAMP, the best-selling manga studio in the world, presents the first text novel set in the well-known CLAMP universe and a perfect complement to TOKYOPOP's already successful Clamp School manga. Join the genius Takayuki, master swordsman Mifuyu, spiritual savant Rion, ninja descendant Kouji, and their leader, the teleporting, cross-dressing Yuki, as they investigate alien abduction, possessed subway cars, and countless clues and conundrums. Featuring a bonus stand-alone CLAMP manga short, this debut manga novel series is sure to have everyone wondering "whodunit" until the very end!

ABOUT TokyoPop Inc.
TokyoPop Inc. is the leading North American publisher of manga, the fastest growing segment within the publishing industry. With exclusive rights to hundreds of licensed and original book, video and music properties, the company has rapidly become a media convergence leader. TOKYOPOP has millions of books in print and publishes many hit manga series, including Love Hina, Chobits, Rave Master, Initial D, GTO, Battle Royale and Cowboy Bebop. The company pioneered Cine-Manga(TM), releasing such titles as Finding Nemo, SpongeBob SquarePants, Lizzie McGuire, Astro Boy and Transformers: Armada. TOKYOPOP television properties include Rave Master, GTO and Reign: The Conqueror. The company has also expanded its presence as a licensor, representing merchandising rights for Rave Master, Initial D, Stray Sheep and others. Visit www.TOKYOPOP.com for additional information. TOKYOPOP is a registered trademark of TokyoPop Inc.

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