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by Theron Martin,

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The prospect of a field trip to the beach, a staple event in any high school anime, is just too big to contain within a single episode of Isekai Quartet, especially given the students involved. As this episode proves, setting up the trip easily warrants a full episode alone.

Spinning off from last episode, Emilia quickly proves to be the ideal choice for Class Rep; she can even soothe Aqua without resorting to intimidation, and that's no mean feat. The activities chosen are all field trip standards, including a Test of Courage, which as Subaru points out, becomes more interestingly twisted when a bunch of monsters are already among the student body. I can't wait to see what Roswaal comes up for this test, especially what might scare Ains and his crew; I dearly hope either giant frogs or alligators are involved for the KONOSUBA crew.(1) The end result could only be a disaster, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Also, there's a nice catch on Puck's reference to the time, which is a deep cut for Re:Zero fans.(2)

Shopping for swimsuits is also a core part of field trip preparations, although it takes on more involved gags for this crowd. The spit-take moment is Albedo and Shalltear's ruminations on possible swimsuits for Ains, with Shalltear crowing about one suit fully showing off his pelvic bone (it's best not to think about that one too much), although Tanya also brings up a point that's only slightly addressed in her series: Visha, her right-hand woman, is the only (other?) female in a battalion that's otherwise all-male. Normally this isn't an issue because the uniform and combat gear mute gender differences, but it won't be possible to conceal Visha's figure in even a conservative swimsuit. Of course, word has probably gotten around to Tanya's underlings that Visha is not to be messed with(3), but I still foresee all sorts of shenanigans coming from this change in appearance.

That brings us to the episode's funniest sequence at the end, where Kazuma and Aqua encounter Albedo and Shalltear. Kazuma finally realizes that Albedo is indeed a succubus(4), but the big joke is that both Albedo and Shalltear have been hiding mortifying secrets. Albedo is actually a virgin despite being a succubus(5), and Shalltear pads her bra. Naturally, the KONOSUBA crew unwittingly walks in on both reveals. (Also watch for a cameo of a random adventurer from KONOSUBA at the end.)

In general, the series is back to maintaining its meticulous balance between the four crossover series, and it's still not missing a single opportunity to make deep references or take advantage of the weirdness that spins out of this group trying to do normal things. The fun continues unabated!

  1. Aqua was once terrorized by alligators, and multiple members of the group have been swallowed by giant toads.
  2. Puck has to go to sleep at sunset.
  3. Visha proved in the epilogue of one episode that she has a mean right hook in her sleep.
  4. This is more significant because Kazuma has some previous experience with a succubi-run bordello.
  5. There's a funny scene in Overlord III, where Albedo isn't able to ride a demonic horse because she isn't impure.


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