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Anime Spotlight - The Rising of The Shield Hero

by ANN Staff,
Premieres on January 9, 2019 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Takao Abo
("Eureka Seven (TV)" as episode director)
Series Composition: Keigo Koyanagi
("Sirius the Jaeger (TV)" as series composition, "Blast of Tempest (TV)" as script)


Distrust, doubt, suspicion. The entire world is the enemy.

Normal college student Naofumi Iwatani is summoned to another world when he encounters a strange book at the library. In this world, there are four heroes that hold one of four items: the sword, the spear, the bow, and the shield. He is given a mission: to eradicate the "Wave" that is throwing the world into chaos as the "Shield Hero."

Naofumi is able to hold his head high as he leaves for his grand adventure, his comrades at his side. However, just a few days after embarking, he is betrayed and his money and position are stolen from him.

Having lost his possessions and his trust in people, he employs the help of a slave girl named Raphtalia to attempt to stand up against the wave...

Will he be able to break through this hopeless situation?

The curtain rises on this fantasy story about a boy rising up after losing everything.

Character Names & Descriptions

Naofumu Iwatani

Voice: Kaito Ishikawa

The Hero of the Shield. He's actually just a 20-year-old otaku college student. He was summoned to another world after reading the book, "The Tome of the Four Holy Arms." He has great defense, but barely any offensive power. After losing all trust for people in the new world he was transported to, his usual cheerfulness has disappeared, and has been replaced with composure.


Voice: Asami Seto

A slave girl purchased by Naofumi who is part of the demi-human Racoon race. She has a very honest and pure personality, and stays with Naofumi as his sword out of her own will.


Voice: Rina Hidaka

A being from the race of bird-like creatures called the Filolial. She is a Filolial Queen, and as such, she is extremely skilled at transforming into the form of a girl with wings on her back. She is also skilled with wind magic. She's a very energetic and happy girl, but also a glutton.

Ren Amaki

Voice: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

The Hero of the Sword. However, in the world he's from, he's just a 16-year-old high school student. He has a small build, but a very handsome face. Despite being an intellectual type, he is very prideful, and has a habit of looking down on others.

Motoyasu Kitamura

Voice: Makoto Takahashi

The Hero of the Spear. However, in the world he's from, he's just a 21-year-old college student. He's quite the ladies' man, and the parties he goes to are filled with them. When there are women around he is unable to see anything else, leading him to being tricked very easily.

Itsuki Kawasumi

Voice: Yoshitaka Yamaya

The Hero of the Bow. He is the smallest of the group, and is gentle but somewhat weak. However, he has the strongest sense of justice out of all the heroes. This sense of justice sometimes gets him into trouble when he can't see the other things happening around him.


Voice: Maaya Uchida

A girl Naofumi met amongst a herd of Filolials. She's very serious and treasures her friends, but can also sometimes get emotional and childish. And, it appears she has a secret...


Naofumi Iwatani
Kaito Ishikawa
Asami Seto
Ren Amaki
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Motoyasu Kitamura
Makoto Takahashi
Itsuki Kawasumi
Yoshitaka Yamaya
Rina Hidaka
Maaya Uchida


Original Work
Aneko Yusagi (MF Books imprint's The Rising of The Shield Hero, published by Kadokawa Corporation)
Original Illustrations
Seira Minami
Takao Abo
Series Composition
Keigo Koyanagi
Character Design/Animation Director
Masahiro Suwa
Design Leader
Takeshi Takakura
Design Assistant
Shinpei Wada
Monster Design
Ken Mori (Gift Animation)
Action Setting
Yuka Kuroda
Color Design
Anna Okamatsu (Kinema Citrus)
Visual Advisor
Osamu Matsuyama (Inspired)
Shinsuke Kinoshita (Inspired), Sachiko (Inspired), Seiko Akashi (Studio Uni)
3D CG Director
Yuushi Koshida (Orange)
2D Artist
Motion Graphics
Hidekatsu Uemura (Sublimation)
Director of Photography
Yukiyo Kajiwara (T2 Studio)
Hitomi Sudō (REAL-T)
Sound Production
Sound Director
Fumiyuki Go (grooove)
Kevin Penkin
Music Producer
Hiromitsu Iijima (IRMA LA DOUCE), Shunichi Uemura (Nippon Columbia)
Animation Production
Kinema Citrus

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