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Ms. Answerman
Zac wants Samurai Pizza Cats

by Rebecca Bundy,
Let?s see what questions we have this week.

Dear sir,
I was wondering if you know why Cartoon Network (CN) continuously restarts their anime series over and over without ever getting to the end? For example with ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, they only just recently aired the last four episodes. Until then they just played the series over and over, stopping just before the last four and starting over again. In the case of Yū Yū Hakusho they play the series up until a certain point and then start over again as well. Most particularly I was wondering about Inuyasha, which begins over again for the second time on May 2nd, per their site. I am aware that the first time was because the dubbing needed a chance to get farther ahead of the series. This made perfect sense to me and I was happy to wait. Is this still the case? Please enlighten me. I would like to know if I have a reason to feel frustrated or if there's a simple explanation that I can say, "ahhh. I understand," to.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Dianna Hoitink

For longer series, the dubbing is done in large blocks of episodes. While Cartoon Network waits for the newest episodes, they replay older episodes to keep people interested in the show. This also gives newer viewers the chance to see the series from the beginning if they didn?t see it when it first came out. The wait can become frustrating, especially for longer series. A show that?s 100 episodes long will last about five months if it?s shown once every weekday. My advice would be to check on the shows you like once every two weeks to see where it is in the story, and to watch CN for specials that?ll speed through repeated parts of shows faster.

Dear Ms. Answerman,
I am going CRAZY and need answers!
When I first started collecting Rurouni Kenshin, it was the greatest cartoon and anime I have ever seen, the first two seasons and the trust and betrayal were great, but, other than that, "What the HELL is going on?" After watching all the way up to the end of the kyoto arc, and waiting for the third season is when I found out the horrible news that "tales of the meiji" was not the actual third season. Even though I heard this news I still awaited the third arc thinking "how bad could it be?" Now, even though "tales of the meiji" wasn't horrible it couldn't hold the first two seasons jock on it's best day. Now just when I thought that the kenshin legend was over and numerous people telling me that the "jinchu arc" would probably never be created, I let it go and turned to other anime. But, why am I writing once again?........one word......REFLECTION. (As I wipe the tears from my eyes) After seeing Reflection, I am so confused. After reading articles on this whole Reflection bullsh**, I gathered that ADV just asked the creator of Kenshin if they could make reflection, all he did was say yes, he had nothing more to do with it. But, after seeing reflection for himself, the creator said he didn't like it, especially the ending. And finally, the question. What is this guy thinking? Why will he not animate the actual ending to the Rurouni Kenshin (the jinchu arc)? Even if he never had the intention to do it, after reflection was created and all it's bullsh**, wouldn't he feel that the fans have been jerked around long enough and deserve to see the real ending to kenshins legend? To give reflection 1% credit of doing anything good, seeing the segment on the jinchu arc, made me realize how much this arc NEEDS to be created. WHAT in gods name needs to be done to get this arc animated, is there any talk at all in Japan about this arc being animated? IS THERE ANY CHANCE IN HELL THAT THIS GUY WILL COME TO HIS SENSES AND REALIZE THAT THOUSANDS OF FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY AND DESERVE THE REAL ENDING?

I think there are a few questions to answer in here?somewhere. Kenshin?s creator said that he likes happy endings, so the ending of reflection was probably a disappointment (one of many) in that respect. As for the Jinchu arc, don?t hold your breath on that one being animated. As much as he loved Rurouni Kenshin, Watsuki wanted to focus on Gun Blaze West, so it?s unlikely that anyone will want to animate the rest of the manga. As for the ?thousands of fans? who are waiting, I?d suggest you buy the manga and find translations online until (hopefully) the manga is licensed over here.

It seems that there are a lot of episodes and movies in the Tenchi Muyo! series. I
was wondering how all of it fits together, what comes first and last.
Thanks for your time.

Here?s the timeline for when they were released: The first and second OVA, the first TV series, the first through third movie, New Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi GXP, and finally the third OVA. Story wise, the OVA follows one timeline while the TV series and the movies follow another.

Hey Answerman!
I have two questions for you!
1) Have you ever heard about an anime called Shurato ( Heavenly Wars Shurato)? If yes, where can I get it?
2) Well, it's not really a question.. but I want Samurai Pizza Cats on DVD!!
Thank you very very mucho!

1) Shurato is an older show that hasn?t been licensed yet. The older series are less likely to be licensed, so you won?t be able to buy it anytime soon over here.
2) You and Zac both.

1- Is there ,in the near futur, a possible re-edition of the entire Cowboy
Bebop series in 5.1? (I'm thinking of buying it right now since Amazon is
doing a very good deal on it but I'm always suspicious when there's a price
drop on a DVD title. For american DVDs most of the time it means the
upcoming of another edition.)
2- Is the rumor of CB:Knocking on Heaven's Door DVD coming out this summer,
on June 24th I think, still hold or true at all?
3- Will Ninja Scroll the series be released directly on DVD this Fall or
does Cartoon Network (or any other channels) has the TV rights for it? If it
is released on DVD right away, will it be disc by disc or all at the same

1. Probably not. You can normally find good deals on box sets if the entire series has been out for a while, so you might as well buy it now before the movie is released on DVD.
2. This is not a rumor. Knocking on Heaven?s Door is set to be released on June 24th, so you?ll have plenty of time to watch the entire series over a few times before then.
3. It?s too soon to know anything about the Ninja Scroll series, especially since it hasn?t been released yet in Japan. It?s supposed to come out sometime this fall, but it?ll be a bit before anything has been finalized in the US.

is it true that they already making a new Initial D series? If so, whats the name and when are they showing it in japan?

Not as far as I know. Initial D was popular and will be released here in the states soon enough, so that should keep you plenty busy.

That wraps up another action-packed week of questions and answers.

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