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Luvable Toys

You can't go wrong with a Kero Plush Toy, Suitable for children of any age, available from Anime Collectibles for between $7.95 for th 6" beanie to roughly $25 for the larger plushes.
6" Kero-chan Beanie
8" Plush Kero-chan
8" Plush Kero-chan
9" Plush Kero-chan in Vest

Love Hina Figures, One of the funniest Anime in recent memory. And how can you go wrong with a Christmas themed model set?
$35.95 @ Anime Castle
Publisher : Sega Prize
Approximate 5 Inches High

With the movie just having been released in North America, Ah! Megami Sama! is without a doubt in style this holiday season. And this three wonderful Godess has never been about anything other than Love and peace.

Belldandy is also joined by her two wonderful sister, Urd and Skuld:

Honorable Mentions:

For the second year in a row, in the 18+ category we would have chosen the Hello Therapeutic Massager.

Unfortunately these very rare items have been out of production since 1997, so they're a little hard to find. This legitimate Sanrio product can still be found on e-bay, but beware there are also a large number of vibrating Hello Kitty bootlegs.

What about toys whose characters abhore fighting but do so only when necessary? Kenshin and Vash the Stampede for example. Well Vash's "Love and Peace" motto certainly is a good thing, and the example they show in the Manga and TV series about not fighting until you are left absolutely no other alternative, and even then avoiding to hurt people, certainly do promote a responsable outlook on violence. But still, it isn't quite the same as promoting love...

Three other items that were considered for "promoting love" are models of Faye Valentine models from Cowboy Bebop, Ryo from Tenchi Muyo! and Kei & Yuri from Dirty Pair.
Unfortunately these fine ladies were removed from the final cut because they also promote as much war as peace:

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