Top News Articles of 2014

by Christopher Macdonald,

2014 was another big year for the ANN news team. Based on the successful changes we made in 2014, and lots of reader feedback, we continued to increase the size of our newsteam resulting in more news articles than ever before (ANN Published 6773 news articles in 2014, 4640 in 2013 and 3803 in 2012) and more readers per article. The entire team is extremely thankful for your continued readership. As long as you keep reading, we'll keep writing!

So then, shall we take a look at the most read news articles of 2014? Please note that, this list is entirely statistical, tabulated from the articles that received the most page views in 2014. It is not a reflection of our opinions on the importance of these, or other, news stories.

  1. 2014 New Sailor Moon Crystal Anime 1st Image Story Intro Posted Online
    * Sword Art Online II Tv Anime to Launch in 2014
  2. 1st Key Visual for 2015 Dragon Ball Z Film Reveals Frieza
  3. Official Live Action Attack on Titan Ad 1st Photo Debuts
    * Fairy Tail Anime Restarts in April
  4. Dragon Ball Z Gets New 2015 Film by Creator Toriyama
  5. Naruto Manga Mini Series Launches after Main Series Ends
  6. New Dragon Ball Kai Anime to Premiere on April 6
  7. Digimon Adventure Anime Returns next Spring in High School Sequel
  8. Live Action Attack on Titan Films Eren Mikasa 11 Others Unveiled in Costume
  9. Durarara Gets New Tv Anime Series
  10. Kuroko Basketball Anime Gets 3rd Season
  11. Website 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Anime Season Begins in January
  12. Naruto Manga to End in 5 Weeks
  13. The Last Naruto the Movie S Sasuke Kakashi Character Sketches Unveiled
    * Top Selling Manga in Japan [2013] by Series
  14. New Digimon Anime Older Hikari Previewed in Silhouette
  15. Megumi Han: Hunter X Hunter Anime to End at Episode 148
  16. The Last Naruto the Movie S Sakura Shikamaru Sai Character Sketches Unveiled
  17. High School Dxd Light Novels Gets 3rd Anime Season
  18. Tokyo Ghoul Manga to End This Month
  19. Hunter X Hunter Manga to Resume in June
  20. Top Selling Manga in Japan by Series: 2014 (First Half)
  21. Metagross Mega Evolution Debuts in Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire 3ds Games
  22. The Last Naruto the Movie Full Trailer Debuts
  23. August 2015 Naruto Film to Tell Bolt Story after Manga
  24. The Last Naruto the Movie to Play in U.S Theaters
  25. Viz Licenses Original Sailor Moon Anime Franchise

Items with * are articles that were published in December 2013 but were heavily read in 2014. Several December 2014 articles that did not make this list, will certainly make the 2015 list. In fact, the two late December entries on this list (Sword Art Online Ii Tv Anime to Launch in 2014 and Fairy Tail Anime Restarts in April) would have taken the top two spots on the 2013 list had their traffic been included in that year.

Our number 1 article of the year had to do with the first image for a reboot of a seminal classic, Sailor Moon Crystal, and way down the list, there is another article about the first image from a reboot of a seminal anime, Astro Boy. The Sailor Moon Crystal article was read 1000 (yes, one thousand, that's not a typo) times more than the Astro Boy article.

Another interesting note, while Fairy tail was, by far the most read about Franchise of 2013, the only Fairy Tail article in the list above was posted in December 2013. Fairy Tail simply didn't make nearly as much news in 2014.

The top six articles of 2014 (including those two posted in later 2013) were all read more times than any of the articles on our 2013 list.

Our most written about franchises in 2014 (ie: the ones we wrote the most news articles about), based on a sample of our top 5000 news articles, were:

  1. Attack on Titan
  2. Naruto
  3. Dragonball
  4. Sword Art Online
  5. Sailor Moon

Although Sailor Moon took the top spot in our "most read" list, we actually wrote more than twice as many news articles about Attack on Titan and Naruto.

Curious how this compares to last year's list? Check it out here.

Come back Friday for our Top Interest Articles of 2014.

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