Fans Compare Changes from Regalia Re-Broadcast Episodes

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars anime series was suddenly halted for a month in July to fix what its producer Takayuki Nagatani cited as a "recognizable difference between the show's planned quality [and the current quality]." The show's first four episodes were aired again, this time with quality corrections. Fans are now comparing screenshots to see what kind of things were adjusted.

Examples show reworking of bit character's faces, recoloring of prop objects like pillows, and more drastically, reworkings of entire scenes.

A candy apple stand is replaced by rice animals on sticks.

Generic builders are now slightly less so.

Funimation is streaming Regalia as it airs in Japan. The new, fifth episode will premiere next Thursday night.

[Via Yara-On!]

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