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Kano Sisters' Mika Kano, High School DxD's Akeno, Rias Form Buxom Trio

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The celebrity and lifestyle talent sisters, Kyoko Kano and Mika Kano have cultivated an otaku following, appearing in commercials for the Comic Toranoana dōjin store and the Ensemble Stars! male idol game and attending last year's summer Comiket convention. The pair were also part of the stage show for the Cutie Honey Universe television anime at the AnimeJapan 2018 event.

The pair have briefly split for this latest appeal for otaku. Mika Kano appears without Kyoko, instead adding two anime girls as temporary sisters. High School DxD Hero character designer Makoto Uno drew Kano alongside heroines Akeno Himejima and Rias Gremory.

Kano gave her thoughts on the High School DxD anime and breasts in general in an interview for the collaboration. When asked what she thinks of High School DxD, Kano replied that the world felt familiar, especially the juxtaposition between god-like and innocent characters and devilish and fascinating characters.

Of course, High School DxD is well known for its busty characters, too. Kano was asked what she thinks is charming about breasts.

On our blog and Instagram accounts, we're proud to receive a lot of support that says our marshmallow boobs are healing to the heart. Please visit our accounts if you're interested. Breasts are the sanctuary where love is built up, but attraction and tastes are personal. I also think breasts can be a sort of artistic expression.

Kano also stated she'd like to appear in the High School DxD anime with Rias and Akeno. She said she likes both characters who she described as "cute, smart, and full of love."

High School DxD original creator Ichiei Ishibumi commented on the collaboration. He said the illustration filled his heart with a "fabulous feeling" and receiving the art was an honor.

"I would like to continue to write about more beautiful heroines and rivals and good-looking guy heroes," Ishibumi said.

Characters Rias and Akeno also both commented. Rias is credited as saying, "I also want to become a cool, marvelous woman like Mika-oneesama." Akeno followed up by saying "In order to become a more beautiful woman, I definitely want to use beauty products."

Source: Animate Times

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