Voice Actress Nao Toyama's Website Announces that Staff Will Start Blocking Social Media Harassers

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Popular voice actress Nao Tōyama (Yui Yuigahama from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Karen Kujō from Kinmoza! Kiniro + Mosaic) has been a victim of online harassment for some time. Tōyama's official website announced on Friday that enough was enough - the staff will start blocking social media users if they leave too many replies at once, or act in a way that is deemed stalker-like, indecent, or threatening to Tōyama and/or other users in the replies.

When the announcement was first posted on Tōyama's Twitter account, a user named "Keima Kuri" posted at least seven replies that were captured by the Wayback Machine, although the account has since been suspended. One of their replies read as follows: "The other day, me and nao went on a date together as a future married couple. We went to Karuizawa, which will be the location of our wedding ceremony. There, me and nao did the (^з^)-☆. Of course, the location of our wedding ceremony is the toilet in Waseda University...!!"

Another user commenting on the news tweeted: "Finally, they're taking action against Keima Kuri. Good." Multiple users expressed similar sentiments, including a user in English.

On Sunday, Nao Tōyama's account informed Keima Kuri that it would be blocked for violating the rules, further indicating that the measures were almost certainly taken because of this individual. According to one user who has been following Keima Kuri's actions, the obsessed fan was sending up to 4,000 tweet replies to Tōyama in a single day.

Fortunately, most of the other users responding to Tōyama were very understanding of what she was going through. The most common responses were "I understand completely" and "Thanks for everything you've done."

Source: Nao Tōyama's official website via Otakomu

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