Tokyo Bridge Boys' 1st Project is a Voice Drama

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Project is led by the 'director'...who is also a cat

Shochiku, Tokyo's Water City Creative Partners, and MOVIC's Hashidashi ("Bridge Boys") project announced that voice actor Rikiya Koyama is joining the cast as the "director cat" Hakase. Koyama stars with the rest of the cast in a 12-minute voice drama that is launched on YouTube.

In the voice drama's story, Hakase awakens the Hashidashi to revitalize the local waterways. They form the fictional Tokyo River Tourism Bureau but have their sights set on the arts. One day, Hakase tells the Hashidashi of his plan to choreograph a performance highlighting the special abilities of each bridge.

There are four characters thus far and each centers on a different theme like "theater," "fireworks," "art," and "animals." The first four bridge boys are Azuma, Umaya, Komagata, and Ryōgoku based on the Azumabashi bridge, Umayabashi Bridge, Komagata Bridge, and Ryōgoku Bridge. All of the bridges cross the Sumida River at various points.

Azuma is voiced by Shōya Chiba (Tsuki ga Kirei, IRODUKU: The World in Colors), Umaya is voiced by Kōhei Amasaki (Double Decker! Doug & Kirill, My Hero Academia), Komagata is voiced by Taku Yashiro (Gundam Build Divers, KING OF PRISM), and Ryōgoku is voiced by Toshiyuki Someya (School Babysitters, Bakumatsu).

Four different artists designed the characters for the project. Nuo designed Azuma, Hinatsu designed Umaya, Bekko designed Komagata, and SUZ designed Ryōgoku.

Tourists can listen to audio guides performed by the characters for a limited time aboard the Sumida River line cruises beginning on August 17. A cast event will be held on November 2.

Merchandise for Hashidashi will be available for purchase at Comiket 96.

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