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Newsbrief: This weeks release and aquisition announcements.

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Pioneer Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of Black Heaven, Legend of Rock Bottom Vol. #1 due out on bilingual DVD on October 31st.

Pioneer has announced the delay of 3x3 Eyes until October 10th.

The release of the subtitled, uncut edition of Card Captor Sakura has also been delayed by Pioneer. The release date has been changed from September 21st to November 14th.

Pioneer has announced that they have licensed the 1st Cardcaptor Sakura movie and will debut theatrically in the fall of 2001.

ADV has announced the sequel to the Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai Z series. Rurouni Kenshin: Betrayal hits the street on November 14th. In subbed and dubbed formats running 60 minutes.

After the Great Fire in Edo, Kenshin and Tomoe are sent into exile on a small farm. They experience peace and quiet for the first time in their turbulent lives. The rebellion, wounded after the events in Edo, is slowly rebuilding, far away from Kenshin and Tomoe. Their only link to the outside world is Iizuka, who brings them dire news from the city.

Also from ADV Gasaraki Vol. #1 and #2 due on September 26th. Both volumes are listed with a running time of 75 minutes. And Generator Gawl 1 will hit street on October 10th with 3 episodes.

ADV will release Spriggan theatrically in early 2001.

The Right Stuf International has announced the October 24th release of Flint, The Time Detective #1 & #2 (Pre book date: October 3rd) on VHS and DVD, both are 90 minutes (3 episodes) and $14.98.

He's a caveman in the 25th century and his dad is part of a stone axe. If you think that's a little unusual, you're right ... but so's everything about Flint, The Time Detective! Discovered during an archeological dig by someone who knows far more about him than they should, Flint is brought to the Bureau of Time and Space Investigations. Flint is de-fossilized but Dr. Goodman is less successful with his dad. Still, all is not right with the world: with time travel common enough to be available to everyone, criminals are using this awesome power for their own ends. One of them has actually fundamentally altered the way time works throughout the universe ... which will have profound consequences! It's up to the newly deputized Flint and his friends to locate the timeshifters scattered throughout the world and throughout time!

Following an Inquiry from AnimeNewsNetwork the Right Stuf has also announced that Kare Kano will be released Dubbed/Subbed on DVD & VHS in the spring.

The original creators of Sorcerer Stabber Orphen have asked ADV to change the name of domestic release to "Orphen: Scion of Sorcery". This is to maintain continuity with Activision's upcoming release of the video game.

Regarding Princess Monoke, Robert Chapek of Buena Vista says: “We're fairly confident the [special edition] DVD will be out sometime before the holidays”

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