Dragon Ball cast to return or not?

posted on 2000-10-15 23:34 EDT

According to Sonny Straight, the current voice or Kurilin, the current cast of Funimation's Dragonball Z dub does not believe that Funimation is planning on returning to the original cast.He goes on to state that FUNimation will be scheduling another set of auditions for the Buu saga, and that doing so would be a waste of money if they were to suddenly hire back the old cast.

Ian James Corlett, the first voice of Son Gokuu in FUNimation's English dub of DBZ, says "It's a weird anomaly of distribution rights or something... I think IPP/Ocean sound has the Canadian rights to record shows, so it's independent of Funimation", Ian goes on to state "But alas I won't be doing them if IPP has anything to do with the production."

Other possibilities which have been pointed out include the possibility that the original Ocean cast is being used to dub some of the Dragonball Z movies which may even see a theatrical release.

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