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Excel Voice Replacement, Details on BGC 2041, Parasite Dolls, and New Licenses

It has been confirmed that Larissa Wolcott will be the replacement voice for Excel in Excel Saga.

It has also been confirmed by both David Williams and Matt Greenfield that Bubblegum Crisis 2041 is NOT the same as Parasite Dolls. BGC 2041 is, in actuality, a continuation of 2040, and has no relation whatsoever to PD.

In an e-mail Matt Greenfiled confirmed and added, "Two separate titles. Parasite Dolls is a distant spin-off of AD Police and is already completed. 2041 is still in the embryonic pre-production stages."

Also, ADV already has the proofs for the first DVD of All Purpose Catgirl Nuku Nuku. The dub was played at the convention from the disc, and for the most part, the first disc is complete. In addition to the DVD which is scheduled to be out early next year, ADV will also be releasing the CD soundtrack alongside it.

ADV has also announced that starting next month, they will be aiming to release 18 DVD titles a month.

In addition to Farscape and Andromeda, David Williams said that there were other live action series in queue, but they were still secretive, but already confirmed and announced ones included Princess Blade, the second Gamera movie, and Yokai Monster Show.

As for OVAs and movies, ADV will be releasing a Director's Cut Edition of the Kenshin OVAs previously released. Greenfield suggested that there may be an extra fight scene, but they are still unsure of what exactly will be different on this release. The new Kenshin OVAs are in production now, and should be out early next year.

They will also be releasing the 3 standalone Dirty Pair movies, the You're Under Arrest movie and specials, the Nadesico movie, the rest of the Slayers movies. They will also be releasing Lady Death, Mazinkaizer, and Sin 2. The Dirty Pair movies will be redubbed.

As for TV series, many of the one they reiterated have already been announced or confirmed. The list they gave was as follows:

  • Najica
  • Let's Dance w/ Papa
  • Mutineer's Moon (new title in active production)

  • Angelic Layer
  • Southern Cross
  • Mospeada
  • Aura Battler Dunbine
  • Chance Pop Session
  • Colorful (from Golden Boy director)
  • Noir
  • Saiyuki
  • Super Gals
  • Sakura Wars TV
  • Super Milk-show
  • Those Who Hunt Elves season 2
  • Wild Arms TV
  • Blue Seed OAV
  • Nuku Nuku Dash
  • Puni Puni Poemi
  • Steam Detectives
  • Pretear
  • Zone of Enders
  • RahXephon
  • Cosplay Complex

The dubbing on the second season of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Orphen Revenge) is scheduled to start next month.

Also, when questioned on their plans for broadcast or network television, Williams commented slyly that they couldn't say anything about it, but "stuff is definitely happening."

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