Rozen Maiden's Peach-Pit Ends Kugiko-Chan ga Iru! Manga

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2nd volume of cute horror series to ship in June

This year's May issue of Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine will publish the final chapter of manga duo Peach-Pit's Kugiko-Chan ga Iru! manga. The series' second compiled volume will ship on June 5.

Peach-Pit debuted a two-part horror story titled Kugiko-san in Nakayoshi in August and September of 2011 before announcing that a full series would begin in December 2011. Kodansha published this series, Kugiko-Chan, in three compiled volumes.

The story of Kugiko-san revolves around the fear of Kugiko-san, an urban legend spread around children. According to rumors, people who encountered Kugiko-san have had nails (kugi) driven into their eyes. A solitary male shōjo manga creator named "P" follows the truth behind the urban legend.

In the "cute scary" manga Kugiko-Chan, an elementary school student named Tomo-chan summons the ghost Kugiko. She is initially afraid but they gradually become friends.

Kugiko-Chan ga Iru! takes place several years after Kugiko-Chan, when Kugiko transfers to a new school.

Peach-Pit's other manga include Rozen Maiden, DearS, Shugo Chara!, and Zombie-Loan.

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