New Digimon Universe TV Anime Casts Makoto Furukawa, Mai Fuchigami, Ryou Hirohashi

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New Digimon anime premieres October

The official website for the television anime of the Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters multimedia project revealed additional cast members and character designs on Wednesday. The additional cast includes:

Makoto Furukawa as Yūjin Ōzora, a 13-year old first year junior high student, and a childhood friend of Haru. He possesses a hot-blooded personality, and has leadership qualities. He plays a lot of sports, but excels at soccer. He is popular with girls.

Mai Fuchigami as Aoi Kashiki, a 13-year old first year junior high student, and Haru's classmate. She has a kind and gentle personality, and she's popular with the class. Her family runs a business from home, and Haru and his friends often come over to visit.

Ryou Hirohashi as Watson, a 13-year old first year junior high student, and Haru's classmate. His real name is Takeru Wato. He like smartphones, games, and other digital items. He easily becomes involved in events surrounding Appmons.

The rest of the cast includes:

Yumi Uchiyama as Haru Shinkai, a 13-year old first year junior high student. He possesses a gentle and cheerful personality. He has a strong will, and can judge things from his own point of view. He loves reading, and yearns to be the protagonist of his own story. His Buddy Appmon is Gatchmon.

Kokoro Kikuchi as Gatchmon, Haru's Buddy Appmon derived from a search app. He constantly tries to look cool, but his search function allows him to teach many things.

Wataru Takagi as the Appli Drive, an important item that can physically materialize Appmon.

Umeka Shouji as Eri Karan, a 14-year old second year junior high school student. She works as a member of an idol group, has good reflexes, and a lively personality. Though she plays a character in public, she is actually honest and kind. She easily feels lonely, and has a side of her that makes her prone to crying. She has Dokamon as her Buddy Appmon.

Motoko Kumai as Dokamon, Eri's Buddy Appmon. A strong Appmon who is nevertheless kind. He is derived from an action game app. She likes Eri, and calls Gatchmon "bro" out of respect.

Shiho Kokido as Torajirō Asuka an 11-year old fifth grader. He is free-spirited and easily goes with the flow. Online, he is known as "Astra" (an abbreviation of his real name), a famous "Apptuber" who uploads videos to the video site Apptube. His family runs a tea ceremony school. Though raised in a strict household, he still values emotions and freedom. He has Musimon as his Buddy Appmon

Nao Tamura as Musimon, Torajirō's Buddy Appmon. He is derived from a music app. Like Torajirō, he easily goes with the flow.

Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Rei Katsura, a mysterious 14-year old second year junior high student who pursues Haru. He is an exceptional hacker, who might know something about the evil last boss AI. His Buddy Appmon is Hackmon.

Daisuke Sakaguchi as Hackmon, Rei's Buddy Appmon imbued with the ability of hacking.

The site describes the series' story:

Everyone in the world uses smartphone apps. But inside them lurks unknown creatures called "Appli Monsters," or "Appmon." The Appmon are AI lifeforms with the ability to think and act, and exist in the boundary between the human world and digital space to allow people and the system to interface and function. But in the vast sea of the internet, the "last boss AI" Leviathan takes control of the Appmon with a virus and begins hacking every system, thus starting to control the human world from the world of the net.

The protagonist, Haru Shinkai, is led to acquire the Appli Drive, and uses it to materialize Gacchimon, a search app monster. What is the secret hidden within the Appli Drive? What is the mysterious field that exists between net world where the Appmon exist, and the real world? What is the "App Combine" that can combine two Appmons? What is Leviathan's true goal?

The site previously streamed a trailer for the anime last month.

Gou Koga (Xenosaga: The Animation, Dokidoki! Precure, One Piece Episode of Sabo, Doki Doki! Precure) is directing the anime at Toei Animation. Yoichi Kato (Miracle Train - Ōedo-sen e Yōkoso, Yo-kai Watch, Monster Strike, Aikatsu!) is supervising the series scripts. Kenichi Ohnuki (Kiko Senki Dragonar, Gundam Build Fighters, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) is designing the characters.

The anime will premiere on TV Tokyo in October.

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